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The Changing face of Testing

Testing teams have long been viewed as an insurance by IT departments to assure themselves and their business partners on what is being delivered. Over the years, IT departments have spent more time and money in trying to ascertain the delivery worthiness of code

More than ever, business teams are asking today how testing teams could deliver better insights and greater value into what is being produced by development teams. The argument is if testing teams could serve as Quality Gates throughout the development lifecycle, there would be fewer surprises towards the end, and lesser tradeoffs and compromises between inadequate functionality and faster time-to-market.

Several testing teams are fast morphing into Quality Assurance teams and are introducing newer verification techniques early on in the software development lifecycle. These include

• Requirements and business blueprinting reviews to identify incomplete requirements

• Architectural audits to determine scalability and compliance issues

• Code quality analyzer to detect memory leaks and redundant code

Quality Assurance teams are also strengthening their capture and articulation of business value delivered. These include

• Progressive test automation to leverage maximum ROI of automation development

• Integrated set of measures and consistent reporting on various quality, reliability and availability metrics

• Translation and articulation of the various quality and process engineering metrics into business outcomes e.g. business availability, throughput, support costs etc.

The key questions however are:

· "Do these early Quality Assurance techniques work?"

· "Is a higher emphasis on delivering quality products really resulting in greater stability and scalability?"

· "Are organizations really spending less time and money overall across all stages of software development lifecycle than before?"

· "How successful are testing teams in articulating the business value delivered by QA? What are the roadblocks they face in doing this and how could these be overcome?"

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