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Modern testing techniques- How to realize full business benefits of the Cloud?

Cloud based application or services provide benefits like increased  business agility, reduced cost of ownership etc to your customers. But at the same time it increases your risk to business and gives you sleepless nights. Here are some of the concerns that I often hear from my customers:

- Will I have much visibility of what is happening inside the cloud? 
- How do I ensure that on an ongoing basis the outcomes promised meets the customer SLAs?
- If any changes happen inside a cloud will this potentially affect my business and the interdependent systems?

Choosing a right testing model will help you mitigate these risks. In my view the following are some of key shifts required from your traditional testing model for you to be successful:

1. More focus on the non functional aspects like performance, availability, security etc.
2. Choosing a testing methodology to address agile/component based development life cycle
3. Upgraded testing skilled team who has a good understanding of cloud based validation requirements.
4. Usage of a set of tools to address the different validation requirements
5. Provide automated test coverage to build agility in testing
6. Having a good test environment strategy to predict the behavior of your applications on a hosted cloud.

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