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Infosys and Co-operative Banking Group @Iqnite UK 2011


Hi there! A little over a week remains for the UK leg of the Iqnite conference (http://www.iqnite-conferences.com/uk/index.aspx) to begin. I can't begin to explain how excited I am to be presenting again at this premier conference for software testing professionals. To me the conference provides a great opportunity to learn more of the latest and most relevant QA practices from other QA professionals. My association with the event goes back to 2009 when I presented a session on Progressive Test Automation. This year I am teaming up with Paul Shatwell of the Co-operative Banking Group to present a session on "The Co-operative Banking Group's Approach to a One-Test Service Transformation".  


Wondering what "One-Test Service" is?

"One-Test Service" in simple words is the centralization of QA activities. This could either be the integration of existing QA teams, an outcome of a merger between 2 business entities, or, consolidation of QA activities within the same organization. In all the cases the final objective is the same - establishing a central QA organization to manage all the software testing needs of an organization while introducing standardization and innovation. Needless to say, centralized QA helps improve the quality of software applications and time-to-market. The session being presented by Paul and me deals with the former - integration of existing QA teams. However the approach is also applicable in cases of consolidation of QA activities within the same organization.   


We look forward to interacting with you at the event and would love to answer any questions you may have about centralization of QA.


To see the entire programme schedule please follow - http://www.iqnite-conferences.com/uk/programme/programme.aspx. I look forward to the keynote by Jason Taylor on Managed Testing Services, which sounds quite interesting. Let's see how that goes. For now, I need to focus on my own presentation! 


Watch out for my next post which will have updates from the event!

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