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Enhance an enterprises' testing maturity with The Enterprise QA Transformation Model

With reduced investments in IT and the constant pressure to reduce costs, IT teams have been looking for innovative ways to improve efficiencies, reduce re-work and optimize operations. This is where an organizations capability to ensure and control quality of their complex IT ecosystems is becoming very critical. Further, this has necessitated that QA organizations evaluate their processes and capabilities in delivering quality.

Test Maturity Models were developed to enable the assessment of current testing capabilities and processes. Over the years, several such models were developed and many have been re-defined several times to catch up with the needs of the market. But majority of the models ended up being rigid and certification oriented while the industry was looking for a comprehensive test maturity model that could be customized, adapted and facilitated the improvement of testing capabilities selectively. Such a model is more relevant as more and more companies were adopting global sourcing models and their capabilities to deliver was not limited to one organization, but collective capabilities of several organizations.

In my latest POV co-authored along with Aromal Mohan I discuss and help understand "The Enterprise QA Transformation Model" which has been developed to provide a framework that will evaluate the current testing capabilities of an organization and provide a reference framework for their improvement. It is a continuous model that helps in selectively strengthening the required capabilities, thus making the improvements more relevant to the model, in which the organization operates. To know more please click here
http://www.infosys.com/IT-services/independent-validation-testing-services/white-papers/Documents/enterprise-QA-transformation-model.pdf. I look forward to your comments and feedback.


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How different is virtualization of server different from cloud.


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