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"Show me the Money" - Realizing Business Value with Mature QA Practices

The role of QA in transforming a business has evolved multi-fold. In the past, typically QA managers would be satisfied by delivering a defect-free product with may be a certain amount of innovation. In today's volatile economic environment, expectations from QA team to deliver more value with less costs have become the order of the day. The new age customer not only wants a high quality product but also expects an enhanced business value in line with the organizations' strategic goals. While producing a defect-free deliverable is 'bread and butter' for the QA team, realizing business value requires some strategic thinking keeping in mind the vision/goals of the customer organization.


Highly mature QA practices revolve around 4 key levers - Business Process, End-user, Business Impact and Business Metrics. Yogita Sachdeva and myself have tried implementing this strategy in some of our client QA programs with the objective of transforming them into highly matured QA organizations. Awareness about the business processes involved, understanding of high maturity levers to transform the QA organization are some of the pre-requisites for realizing business value in QA. To know more, read our latest POV titled "Creating Business Value with Mature QA practices" at http://www.infosys.com/IT-services/independent-validation-testing-services/white-papers/Documents/creating-business-value.pdf.

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