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What's new in HP Quality Centre 11?

Someone who has ever been remotely associated with software testing at some point in time is sure to have come across HP Quality Centre (QC). Such is the penetration of QC that it has profound impact on the way testing is conducted in an enterprise. As far as Quality Assurance professionals are concerned, the extent to which QC is utilised and the way in which it is done, often reflects the maturity of the testing processes adopted in the enterprise.. 

As they say, Rome was not built in a day! Likewise even QC did not evolve into its current form in just one major upgrade. From being a not-so-user friendly thick client Test Director, QC has evolved immensely through periodic releases and today it is a tool of pride for the majority of 'black box' testers.

The latest release of HP QC 11 as part of the ALM 11 suite brings with it major feature upgrades. Test managers need to appreciate them as well as their impact on their current testing processes. My whitepaper, "HP Quality Centre 11 - What's new?" has been written from a test manager's point of view. It attempts to evaluate the new features that would interest end users. The whitepaper can be accessed at http://www.infosys.com/IT-services/independent-validation-testing-services/white-papers/Documents/HP-quality-center11.pdf.

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