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Next Gen QA - Inward Development to Outward Business Focus

In my first two blogs in this series (1 & 2), I listed out the 5 key areas that will enable QA organizations to play a vital role in the client's IT optimization journey. Taking this discussion forward, in this blog, we will take a look at the second parameter that will help in the paradigm shift - INWARD DEVELOPMENT TO OUTWARD BUSINESS FOCUS.


QA organizations need to shift their focus from Inward Development to a more outward business (UAT) focus. They must earn the credibility of business by involving domain experts in requirements gathering/FS analysis upfront. Alternatively, they need to devise innovative engagement models in order to leverage the domain knowledge of the business users.


Listed below are a few measures that would help to establish this credibility:


·      Enable domain experts from QA to act as a bridge between IT development and business.

·     Complement QA and UAT organizations goals and efforts through better collaboration, training and knowledge-sharing.

·   Requirements/Functional Specifications to be thoroughly verified. Defects detection should start from these documents.

·      Reduce time to market by optimizing test scenarios, thereby reducing implementation hassles and early detection of critical business defects.

·      Devise new engagement models, tools and solutions to manage expectations and enhance collaboration.

·      Identify automation tools and solutions that are easy to understand and use from business user perspective. Model-based testing and functional automation tools usage should be simplified keeping this in mind. 

These measures will help in the identification of critical business defects upfront. Besides, they will also significantly reduce the overall time to market, by considerably reducing time and effort required for ST/SIT/UAT.

In my next blog, we will talk about another key parameter - ISOLATED TOOLS TO INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS.


See you soon.


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