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The Testing Standard journey session @ QUEST 2013

Join Allyson Rippon, Executive Global IT Manager, UBS and me at this year's QUEST 2013 QAI Conference & Expo @ Chicago, when we share our Testing Standard journey. 

For more information on my session and the conference schedule, please visit the following link: http://www.qaiquest.org/2013/conference/the-standardization-journey-how-to-centralize-your-testing-standards/

What is Testing Standard anyway?

In everyday life, standards have a profound positive influence on all of us. Be it assuring a level of safety, ensuring quality or providing consistency in experience, standards affect all parts of our life. From defining the safety requirements for a child seat in your car to adopting universal standards for measuring time, standards have come to define how advanced our civilisation is.

In the field of Software Testing, we are beginning to see major emphasis on implementing a Testing Standard for the IT functions. This is particularly true in regulated environments such as financial services organisations. QA teams are expected to be directly accountable to several internal controls and external regulatory requirements. Geographically distributed teams, varied SDLCs, technologies, tools and team autonomy though complicate the implementation cycle.

How can QA managers faced with such challenges achieve their goal? How can they define a Testing Standard that is fit for purpose? How then could they go about implementing it across the organisation? How to stay focussed during this process to ensure it delivers the expected benefits? Can they learn from the experience of people who have already done it? 

Hope to see you there to find out more. 

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