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Continuing the Next-Gen QA series, in this blog, we take a look at the third parameter that will help in the paradigm shift - ISOLATED TOOLS TO INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS


The whole credibility of QA organizations being termed 'independent certifying' units will be at stake unless they adopt a holistic approach and embrace integrated solutions. Test Optimization needs to go one step beyond application testing to cover underlying test infrastructure (environments, hardware and software components), tools, solutions, configuration control and movement. The future will belong to tools and solutions that guarantee similar testing and production environment components (hardware, system and application software) with short provisioning timelines.


Listed below are the latest trends/approaches to move towards this direction:


Ø  Application Life Cycle Management solutions (ALM), Continuous Integration (CI) will help achieve test optimization right from the requirements phase.

Ø  DevOps solutions will help bring the development and operations teams together to manage an E2E view of an application. Streamlining release deployments from development to production will be the first step.

Ø  Test Data Management tools and solutions will play a significant role in reducing testing effort and achieving data security compliance, both in testing and production (through Dynamic Data Masking).

Ø  Innovative engagement models to support agile development methodologies and Test-driven Development (TDD).

Ø  Performance Engineering and Security Compliance solutions that will extend beyond testing.

Ø  Cloud QA service embedded with Server virtualization through PaaS/SaaS/IaaS models will change the development/QA infrastructure landscape dramatically and reduce the downtime significantly.

Ø  Analyzing and recommending the right set of integrated solutions and audit tools that will help technology organizations achieve quality and excellence at an enterprise level. 


To conclude, keep the enterprise vision and goals in mind and accordingly look for integrated solutions rather than looking for tools/solutions to address only QA needs.


In my next blog, we will talk about another key parameter - QA BASIC TO QA ADVISORY SERVICE.


See you soon.




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