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4DX - The Golden Experience

The sun's scattered rays are too weak to start a fire, but once you focus them with a magnifying glass they will bring paper to flame in seconds. The same is true of human beings--once their collective energy is focused on a challenge; there is little they can't accomplish.

4DXGoldenExperience.jpgA common experience of most test management teams is that they are pretty good in setting goals and targets but more often they don't have a consistent approach to achieve them or are trying to focus on too many things at once.

We might have been sharing the same experience had we not been introduced to Franklin Covey's 4 Disciplines of Execution (4DX) framework through a 2 day internal workshop conducted by Infosys. 4DX is powerful methodology that helps translate business strategy into laser-focused action. This framework helped us to accomplish a Wildly Important Goal (WIG) of increasing revenue share from specialized services by 7% y-o-y. We achieved this goal 3 months ahead of the target date.

The 4DX Program recommends the following 4 disciplines to be practiced by each test team -

·        Focus on the Wildly Important - Everyone on the team is crystal clear about and committed to the "Wildly Important Goal" (WIG), the one goal that must be achieved.

·        Act on the Lead Measures - Everyone knows and commits to a few "80/20" activities that will have the most impact; then use "lead measures" to track those activities.

·        Keep a Compelling Scoreboard - A compelling scoreboard motivates people to win. We tracked our progress towards this goal regularly by maintaining a dashboard, which also kept track of movement of lead and lag measures, along with the overall target.

·        Create a Cadence of Accountability - Every team engages in a simple weekly "WIG Session" to track successes and analyze failures. Regular meetings with the core and leadership teams helped us to keep the focus on.

Lessons from this Journey

·        Focused approach has helped team to understand the goals better as well as the need to accomplish them

·        Participation from the team/consultative approach has brought in accountability to all team members and has resulted in better results with lesser efforts

·        Due to need for regular reporting on progress of Lead measures, it has become part of daily routine of the team to work in the direction that will help them to achieve the said goals

·        Weekly WIG meeting has helped the team to stay focused

Business Impact on achieving WIG

·        Opening up of new areas with existing customers for new service lines. We have been able to generate revenues by getting into newer areas.

·        Establishing ourselves as leaders in new service offerings

This is a very effective methodology and we are glad to inform you that we are now Gold certified.

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