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Boons of Cloud Testing--Agility and Automation

In my previous blog I have discussed how traditional way of testing makes business less agile and less adaptable to automation. Here I will explain how Cloud Testing is delivering manifold advantages, creating a testing model that is more agile and is full of automation and orchestration.


Improvement in business agility

In a typical IT organization that practices legacy testing methods, there exists a gap between IT and the business. IT finds it difficult to cope up with all the requests it gets from various internal teams and struggles in prioritizing jobs. On the other hand, business has to bear the brunt of the delay as it causes losing out on precious time and money. With the advent of Cloud based Testing, these problems are eliminated with the following advantages related to agility:

·         Instant Provisioning

With rapid provisioning, business can access the cloud based test services instantly eliminating delay. This reduction in wait-time can directly influence the business growth in terms of revenue and volume.

·         Self-Servicing

With this feature, the test users can directly create their own test environment without depending on IT team. This will help them start their activity at an early stage of testing cycle. The tester will get enough time to comply with near 100% of test coverage. With the reduction in release cycle and with the rapid delivery and full test coverage the business can make huge profits and can improve on quality as well.

·         Flexibility

Cloud testing has the ability to make the test environment a close replica of the production environment. The load generated to test the Application performance can equal the actual scenario removing any geographical constraint. The test infrastructure can be scaled up or down rapidly without any constraint on demand. Any changes in the test plan or test infrastructure can be incorporated instantly making it a highly flexible framework.


Impact of Automation

One of the advantages of Cloud based testing is rapid provisioning of test infrastructure which can be attributed to automation. Unlike the legacy testing method of preparing the test infrastructure right from the scratch for every user, Cloud does it in a smart way. The image of the common test platform is taken, also known as Template, and is kept in a common repository called Service Catalogue. Whenever the requirement of a new test environment arises, a short script will start provisioning the server automatically and it would be ready within minutes. This process can be followed multiple times without human intervention saving considerable time and manual effort.


Also, any complicated test scenario, a particular build or a hotfix release, can be frozen as a Template for future bug fixing after a release. It is not required to prepare the environment and the customer scenario can be replicated in-house within minutes. This is unlike the legacy testing scenario which can take several hours to days to create an exact replica of the customer environment. After every release, the test environment can be returned and gets deleted immediately without maintaining any lengthy process of re-imaging it. This makes the IT operations competitive and up to date.


Agility and Automation are the reasons why Cloud Testing has gained such a momentum in the industry generating revenues for the business and facilitating end-user empowerment. Stay tuned for my next blog in which I will discuss the advantages of Cloud testing in detail.

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