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Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS) - Changing Times

In the recent third party survey of Infosys clients, one message is coming clear that customers are moving away from traditional staff augmentation model towards a single custodian for their entire testing needs. There is increased focus on making testing services predictable, accessible, available without compromising on quality and cost. Customer is looking out for an outcome based sourcing and pricing while outsourcing testing services. We can see how New Age QA is evolving from testing phase to Business Assurance. Customer loyalty has become very important and one can't compromise with the quality of an application and hence in application delivery, software testing remains an essential element of business operational efficiency and risk management.

One key reason triggering this change and mind set, is current challenging economic environment across the globe. Customer wants to account for every single penny they spend. There is increased focus on defining business transactions based on business outcomes within the defined quality limits. Key ask from vendor is to account for associated risks while partnering as a QA partner. There is a need to innovate newer delivery models continuously, increase productivity and cut down the cost of operation. Customers are looking for holistic optimization including human effort, infrastructure cost, tools and technology spend.

Prevailing Thoughts on TaaS

The buzz word 'Testing-as-a-Service" (TaaS) has undoubtedly captured the mindset as a concept and paving the way for newer testing models. Any on-demand service has an extension of 'as-a-service' and TaaS is no exception. New cloud based delivery models are gaining traction in an effort to optimize testing costs and increase agility. All major testing tools vendors are also moving towards cloud based offerings enabling testing service providers to evolve newer TaaS models. For instance, HP SaaS has wide adoption now across the globe. Performance testing is now widely used in SaaS model where customer can procure and consume services online. Service providers are coming up with outcome based model for some of the specialized testing offerings such as automated regression testing, performance testing, security testing, product testing and cloud-based applications testing.

Although TaaS encompasses all the aspects of testing services, each implementation has a key driving objective and matures from there. Some of the key driving objectives we see in the market are:


1.       Efficiency: Focus on low cost, centralized testing, tools optimization and overall testing effectiveness.

2.       Transformation: Focus on the testing of major internal transformational initiative(s).

3.       Revenue: Focus on key business outcomes to launch new business services quickly through effective and fast testing.

4.       Quality: Focus on quality of application where it will be used and implemented by thousands or millions of end-users.


In my next blog, I will be revealing more about what is TaaS and why use it. Stay tuned!

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