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Mobile Native App- Real User Experience Measurement


As we all know that testing server and making sure server side is up and running does not guarantee good end user experience. There are several SaaS solutions to measure client side performance of a website and mobile apps like SOASTA mPluse, TouchTest, webpagetest, Dynatrace UEM etc.  How can we leverage same technique to measure Sales person experience for Mobile POS applications before releasing new features or how can we monitor Sales person app usages/behavior just like we do real user experience analysis for website?

Lab Measurement:

-          Production store like lab setup- network infrastructure, firewall rules, bandwidth hardware, connectivity to data center apps/services

-          User action simulation tool - Appium is preferred here as there is no code change needed

-          User experience monitoring tools - Dynatrace Mobile UEM is preferred as it has low overhead, zero code change by developer, Dynatrace auto instrumentation is easy to add in build process.

-          Simulate store workload on servers using http replay tools like SOASTA CloudTest, Neoload, Jmeter or load running over wireless to make sure store lab infrastructure is experiencing prod like load while measure Sales person experience by running appium scripts on few devices.

Real time Production Measurement:

Dynatrace UEM instrumented mobile app can be roll out of sample or all devices as it has low performance overhead on device and no overhead of code maintenance. Sales person experience, app usages, issues can be monitored and alerted from enterprise dynatrace server.


Is there any case-study for dyntrace ?

Hi Jalpesh,
are u still looking for case study?

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