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Three Generations streaming in a Network

Author: Hemalatha Murugesan, Senior Delivery Manager

Are you using iPhone 6s asked my 80+ year old neighbor as we were transiting in apartment lift?  I responded nope, Samsung and enquired what help is needed.   He wanted assistance in how to use the various apps as he just got the iphone 6s as a gift.   Sure why not and will come over to your place, I winked and concluded.  

Smilingly I walked back to my apartment as we are living in an environment where different groups are trying to embrace the technological influence with no escapism from it.  As I view it, there are three generations who are trying to get on or using the digitization at rapid pace. Generations who were born prior to 1960's who have used the old telephone, booked trunk calls, sent telegrams, paying the bills standing in queue, with lot of planning to go to bank, groceries, personal doctors visiting home, local kirana shop, etc. Generations born between 1970 and 2000 embracing the change, adapting to it, building the change as well. Generation born post 2000, have no clue on how it was done in the past as they are born with the gadgets at their fingertips. So, in a nutshell, every generation today is trapped between the past way of delivering, experiencing vs. catching up with rapid change lest they become obsolete.

So what has changed over the last 5 decades or so - all three generations require unique end user "personal" experience. Experiences that they have built over years in various transactions and yet prefer a similar one in all modes as they embrace digitalization. With massive explosion, by 2020, it is expected with over 20 billion connected devices fuelling the industry growth - each with a browser, Wifi or a cellular connection. With fast degradation on the models, the type of platform, OED's or the version of the operating system do not matter--each and every device will have a web browser, which by itself is getting more feature rich every day in a highly short shelved competitive world.

So today's network carries all three generations to provide different yet individual personalized end user experience. What it means is, that the applications must be resilient, high performing and with high availability servicing every personalization under all forms of network streaming -4G, 3G, 2G... and under heterogeneously hosted systems. Any fluctuations on the application's performance has the end user snap instantly the app only to google to go to the next service provider i.e. their competitor. 

Today's new age shopper across generations are demanding is not just the new norm but they seek absolute individuality. Customers today are digital-savvy, Omni-channel and hyper connected. Instant gratification and constantly be engaged with newer, newer experiences yet remain unsatisfied. They have to be treated special and social media can wreak the firm if even a single user is unsatisfied.

A successfully performing application is one that is resilient to fluctuations under diverse conditions, both in its network availability and performance.  It needs to plan for and continually work when conditions degrade and constant production monitoring is crucial. A keen ear to the feedback from the diverse generations and user groups is essential to survive in a narrowly fought competition and any impact has a cascading impact on brand, trust as well as on its market capitalization. 

Firms would need to ensure that they cater to not just diverse geographies, ethnic groups but also generations with past, present and born in present to ensure that their applications are not just highly available, performing under adverse conditions too but provide personalized individual experiences at the same speed.


today, a lot of service provider monitor- what % of customers are impacted. Agreed, this is important metric to prioritize fixes/change but we need to monitor and cater each and every users. Monitoring every user activities will be crucial. It will generate several GB data everyday. it will be impossible to get value from this huge pile of data without Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

The 3 generations concept is so practical - I can clearly co-relate with my mom and my kids. I feel quite a lot remains to be done for app development for the first and third generations.

This definitely gives a good perspective to seek customer feedbacks from different generations in order to make sure everybody using applications is satisfied with the performance.

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