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A.E.I.O.U of New Age Quality Engineering

Author: Srinivas Yeluripaty, Sr. Industry Principal & Head, IVS Consulting Services

In today's digital world, 'change' is the only constant and organizations are grappling with ways to meet the ever-changing expectations of key stakeholders, especially ubiquitous consumers. With the GDP transformed by mobile economy, globalization leading to "Global One" customers, payment industry transforming from "Cashless" to "Card-less" to "Contactless" transactions, ever growing emphasis on security and compliance, the expectations on IT are reshaping significantly. To achieve that pace and flexibility, organizations are increasingly adopting agile methods and DevOps principles.

The State of DevOps survey, 2016 (https://puppet.com/resources/white-paper/2016-state-of-devops-report) provides some very interesting findings. High performing organizations in the DevOps space who were able to multiply deployment frequency by 200 times between 2015 and 2016, are able to recover from failures 24 times faster, lower their change failure rates and shorten lead time for deployment.

So what does this mean for testing? If you speak to any 'Head of Testing' these days, the key questions in their mind are: Is testing really going to be important? How will my testing organization survive in the Agile / DevOps world? Where will the ownership for testing and release quality stay? Is my test organization ready to adopt DevOps?

The testing function, which certifies the quality of software and products, will definitely need to undergo changes, and will need to focus on creating better value and agility. With DevOps success criteria focusing on "Deployment frequency, Lead time for changes, Mean time to recover, Change failure rates" there is a greater emphasis on quality of the small chunks / features that move into production and hence greater need for testing, especially a quality engineering-centric testing approach.

Quality engineering brings in a significant shift in testing processes, roles, automation stack and testing engagement models, and helps achieve 'Engineered Quality". Infosys' renewed approach to Quality Engineering-driven transformation is simple, with the acronym "A.E.I.O.U." which stands for: Automate, Eliminate, Integrate, Orchestrate and Uberize.

The Quality engineering approach will help faster adoption of emerging testing paradigms and below is the summary of those changes:

  • The traditional 'Quality Assurance' methodology of testing as a phase after the completion of entire development process will change to using Continuous Testing throughout Agile / DevOps cycle. 'Engineered Quality' will become the key to testing success.
  • The ability to apply AI/ cognitive algorithms and testing techniques to gain actionable insights so that an enterprise can focus their testing efforts on the areas that matter most
  • With the adaptation to shorter release cycles and continuous deployment, the time to test will significantly reduce. Hence Automation and Optimization will be the highest priority.
  • The automation test suite should be able to intelligently identify when to kickoff certain tests, when to stop and when to restart to achieve seamless CI-CD pipeline testing.
  • Dual Shift Strategy: Use shift left (QA working closely with development for early performance testing, security testing) and shift right (incorporating continuous quality across Dev & QA deployment)
  • Testing roles transformation to full Stack Testers who are capable of testing front, middle and backend apps
  • Intelligently manage the data and environment dependencies
  • Shift from independent testing COEs to federated COEs and consumerize the ways of testing

IVS Consulting, a global group of test consultants, is driving this change for our customers across the globe. For more details, visit https://www.infosys.com/IT-services/validation-solutions/service-offerings/Pages/quality-engineering.aspx.

Infosys is a Silver sponsor of HPE Discover 2016. Do drop in at booth #134 and learn how Infosys experts can help in your digital transformation initiatives. More information on our participation is here.

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