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Darwin and world of Digital transformations

Author: Shishank Gupta - Vice President and Delivery Head, Infosys Validation Solutions

When Charles Darwin proposed the theory of 'survival of the fittest', I wonder if he imagined its applicability beyond the life forms. Since the advent of the internet, the bargaining power of the consumers is steadily increasing and product and service providers often find themselves playing the catch up game to provide the best of the product features bundled with the best of consumer experience. What would Darwin's advice to product companies in today's Digital world be?

There are many aspects that define the features and experiences consumers look for today.

Speed - It is usually believed that high speeds are not a good thing, but it's different in the digital world. High speeds are probably the most sought after thing by the consumers. Speed in the digital era has multiple connotations. It could stand for frequent and updated feature list being made available to the consumers. It could be a measure of the performance of the web or mobile app or it could also signify the time to provide a fix to a problem reported by the consumer. The product companies on their part need to therefore be equipped with tools and processes that help them deliver the different dimensions of speed mentioned above. It could be through agile and DevOps platforms, cloud hosting, optimizing and automating regression suites.

Seamless Consumer Experience - With the plethora of options available to the consumer, consumers will choose the one which maximizes their gains and minimizes their losses. Classic 'Prospect theory' by Kahneman at play. Consumers expect anything, anytime, anywhere with best experience.  With multiple channels like web, mobile, social media and series of smart connected devices/ wearables, the associated technology complexities have amplified. There are various ways enterprises can ensure trust and seamless consumer experience. One of the most vital is security. Enterprises cannot afford to ignore the impact of security vulnerability in their product or offerings. The number of data security breaches the world has seen in the last few years emphasize the importance of security. Security of data or transactions is critical from both the enterprise and consumer perspective. Other aspects like performance, availability, accessibility and usability are equally critical to ensure unified user experience. Extensive validations need to be performed on apps/website/ devices to ensure there are no inadequacies in these parameters influencing consumer experience. In digital world, enterprises also have multiple avenues to listen to their customer's sentiments and use the feedback/intelligence to build the desired experience.

Data - We have all been advised of the ill effects of 'one shoe fit all' approach and this cannot be more true in digital world. Customers look for what a brand has to offer them specifically and data plays a crucial role in this journey. Data will determine supremacy in this vastly competitive world and turning data into useful information is critical. Data transformation and business intelligence becomes backbone of a right digital strategy. However, there is humongous amount of data available from diverse sources and in various formats and organizations need to have strategies to validate sanity of data and to convert the right data into meaningful insights.

Digital is disruptive and not a one-time activity. Like to maintain healthy body weight you need to unceasingly follow a healthy diet and exercise regime. Results of shortcuts like crash diet do not last long! Similarly, to be successful in the digital transformation, there has to be continuous focus on the key areas of speed, customer experience and data analytics. Enterprises need to bet big on innovation and keep adapting and evolving to "survive" in the digital era.

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Blog is insightful on how Digital is evolving, draws parallel to day-to-day digital events and references Darwin who is known for 'Science of evolution'. Great Shishank again.

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