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DevOps at Enterprise scale

Author: Varun Rathore, Delivery Manager

The current business environment makes many demands on organizations. With the proliferation of start-ups becoming a game changer to the existing brick and mortar industries, the need to innovate, iterate and stay relevant, is enormous. In view of this, UBS has embarked on a journey to transform itself through DevOps practices

The prime drivers and objectives of this transformation are:

  • Find ways to adapt and evolve current offerings in ways that embrace digital disruptions
  • Address limitation of scale arising out of Legacy processes 
  • Being nimble to adopt Stringent regulations, within a short time period
  • Cohesion of Disparate teams working in silos

However, the transition to DevOps in an organization like UBS can be quite challenging, due to the large scale and diverse adoption across different LOBs covering both Greenfield and Brownfield applications. So, the key is to implement in multiple phases, first by developing a MVP (Minimum Value product) and improving it in subsequent rapid releases, based on feedback. This in turn delivers incremental value, thereby gaining wider stakeholder acceptance.

Initial implementations focus on Code Version Control, Continuous Build, Test Automation, Continuous Deployment, with Continuous Integration as an overarching framework. As they mature the capabilities are extended to Rapid Prototyping, ATDD/BDD, Service Virtualization, Environment Provisioning, and Continuous Monitoring among others as part of their Continuous Delivery pipelines.

But again the focus areas can vary due to many factors like the application complexity, resource capability, technical challenges etc.

To augment this approach, an integrated Vision on the SDLC tool chain was created and finalized.

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