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Infosys Business Assurance Store - Fast Forward QA with the power of a Million

Author: Rajneesh Malviya, Vice President and Delivery Head, Infosys Validation Solutions

There is a famous psychological thriller where the protagonist - a patient with anterograde amnesia (short-term memory loss) - sets out on a journey to avenge the death of his beloved girlfriend. To overcome his condition, he uses photographs, notes and tattoos on his body to remind him of various events. I can't help but think that without these cues - these photographs, notes and tattoos - his mission was doomed to fail. So, he needed either his own memory to support him or the presence of some external system that captured memories in different forms. In this particular story, another individual helps him by scanning these notes/photographs to understand the background.

This brings me to the importance of knowledge. Knowledge has always played a pivotal role in any revolution. The success, or failure, of any organization depends on how well it integrates learning with organizational knowledge. Consider how the IT industry depends heavily on knowledge management as its core constituent. Today, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning platforms need knowledge to enable decision-making. Even software testing depends on the knowledge (and memory) of software testers for assurance activities.

Over the years, testing has come to rely heavily on business subject matter experts (SMEs). In fact, this is a problem that many of us are still trying to solve by capturing information in any form for future reference. A test case repository is one such knowledge asset that is created by testers and used extensively within and across projects. However, it has some limitations due to its size or variety as an asset as well as its access and reusability. This means that companies continue to depend on individual SMEs for proper testing.

We, at Infosys, with years of domain, technology and business process experience have built an unique solution - Infosys Business Assurance Store. This solution has the knowledge of more than 20,000 testers in Infosys Validation Solutions (IVS) captured in it in the form of test cases with certain mandatory metadata along with well-defined review processes that ensure relevance and quality. The test cases are of various domains, sub-domains, business processes, products, and various technologies that are a part of testing activities. I want to clarify that all the information captured is based purely on their experience and knowledge and this process has not violated any copyright laws. There are more than one million test cases in this solution, probably the first time in testing industry that any testing team has achieved this one million feat!

Infosys Business Assurance Store
The Infosys Business Assurance Store integrates with third-party solutions like HPE Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), MS SharePoint among others. The store helps clients drive greater operational efficiencies and accelerate business agility through improved test design. This solution uses machine learning tools for traceability, knowledge clustering and optimization. Our clients can access the solution through the Infosys Quality Assurance Workbench, an artificial intelligence based platform built for supporting all leading digital technologies such as Mobile, Internet of Things, and Cloud. This unique solution:
  • Fast Forwards the testing lifecycle across industries and specialized testing services
    • 10+ industry domains/verticals
    • 14+ Technology Types
    • 15+ products / packages (VisionPLUS, GPP, Calypso, Murex, Actimize (AML), ETRM, Facets, SAP modules, Oracle EBIS, SFDC, Manhattan WMS etc.)
    • Extensive coverage of risk, regulatory and compliance areas across industry domains viz., KYC, GDPR, FDA/ERES, HIPPA etc.
    • Machine learning tools for traceability, knowledge clustering and optimization
  • Offers extensive risk coverage and helps adhere to different regulatory and compliance standards
  • Integrates easily with third-party solutions and leverages in-built smart search engines
Do reach out to me or our team at marketing_ivs@infosys.com to understand how this unique solution can fast forward your QA.

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