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November 20, 2020

Making Enterprise Test Automation a Possibility using UiPath

Energizing the core of enterprise business using AI driven automation is the key for success for all progressive business houses. Combining the power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and related cognitive capabilities is giving a new direction to enterprise test automation. UiPath has been at the forefront of this journey. The new UiPath Test Suite (Advanced IDE StudioPro, Test Manager and Test Robots) provides a platform for all enterprise testing needs, be it Software testing or even testing RPA. Its current success gives us confidence that the future of Enterprise test automation will be driven by RPA based platforms.

Traditional test automation tools and frameworks have several inherent challenges. Through a few client examples I would like to showcase of how UiPath can address these challenges and provide required benefits:

1. Superior Object Recognition: For an insurance company in United Kingdom, Infosys testing team faced the challenge where traditional automation tool did not recognize all controls on desktop application built on .Net, Web and other technologies. As a result, the automation could not cover all browsers and tools consumed more CPU & Memory resulting in several challenges. But with UiPath platform, we could automate end-to-end with 30% less time and as a result saving 70 hrs of effort per week.

2. Citrix Support: A Singapore based investment company faced challenges to automate applications hosted on Citrix. Infra validation (Remote desktop sanity test, VPN based sanity test) using traditional tools was not effective, and the Infosys testing team was not able to handle customer expectation to move into unattended test execution for Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) applications. This resulted in low test coverage, longer test cycles with increased number of defects in production. UiPath helped in creating unattended automation which could validate infra configuration rolled out for several countries and resulted in 80% execution time savings through end-to-end test automation across COTS package and upstream and downstream systems.

3. Enterprise Applications Support: For a Manufacturing Client headquartered in the US, involved in development and sales of networking hardware and software, Infosys provided testing services for Logistics and Purchase. There were challenges in automating the end-to-end flow which had interactions with Pega, Oracle EBS applications and database validations with their existing test automation tool. Infosys implemented UiPath solution covering the E2E process of Logistics Order Creation. E2E automation solution with UiPath provided 45% effort savings with faster execution time and repeatability for all users with increased coverage for all country entities.

4. End-to-End Testing: An American multinational investment bank and financial services holding company had been using traditional tools for test automation with a lot of manual intervention required for test data creation/identification, batch monitoring and reporting. These aspects consumed lot of time and delayed their testing cycles. Infosys deployed solution using UiPath platform to handle test data creation/identification, batch monitoring, notifying stakeholders with the status report, retry and recovery during system downtimes. This helped effort reduction by 40%.

Based on our experience so far, we notice that UiPath comes with number of features that help to address the current challenges with traditional test automation tools:


Apart from the above, UiPath Test suite is one solution which addresses both Application testing and RPA testing challenges. Other advantages include:
UiPath has vibrant ecosystem and local support (Tech forum, Marketplace, Academy and Community)
Leading RPA innovation brought to software industry (Process & Task mining, AI Fabric, Automation hub, Picture in picture)
It has built Next Gen Automation capabilities (Computer Vision, HTML 5 support, Mobile and API automation)
Production grade orchestration (Veracode certified, Auditing & Role management, Central artefacts, Test Orchestration)

UiPath Test Suite comes with four different components. The highlighted components are explained above as part of case study experiences that we had:

Infosys has been working with UiPath to identify right use cases for RPA where there can be significant ROI that can be realized. The use cases listed below are those where Infosys has successfully delivered Test automation with increased coverage (>95%) and reduced time to market (by 50%).

Based on our experience so far, UiPath has lived up to the expectation of a perfect Automation tool which can provide seamless experience of cognitive capabilities, providing parallel execution and is a good tool for enterprise test automation resulting in increased test coverage and reduced time to market.

For more information on Infosys RPA Test offerings, visit www.infosys.com and UiPath website www.uipath.com.