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"Green Davos", says Ashok Vemuri

In his post "Green Davos" from WEF, Ashok Vemuri, SVP and Head of Infosys Banking and Capital Markets Business Unit, says:

"Many of the delegates I spoke to seem to appreciate that a few token gestures to convince customers they are being green will no longer suffice. People are talking about how they can make wholesale changes to the way their businesses work from both a technological and sociological point of view. These changes will no doubt include investments in newer, greener technology in addition to ensuring that their business expansion and investments are not having an adverse affect on climate change."

That's an interesting observation.  More and more customers are voting with their wallets -- choosing their brands and vendors based on social/environmental issues.  Businesses are also waking up to this fact.

In fact, in one of his blog posts in August last year, Nandan Nilekani also said something similar:

"It is clear that the world cannot have every person with the lifestyle of an SUV owner. The environmental stress and the energy cost of that will be unviable. Hence in a broader view of the Flat World, environmental sustainability and energy efficiency will be just as critical. The good news is that this is on the radar screen of companies like Infosys."

Infosys, through its Ozone initiative, sets and achieves specific targets for reduction in water, paper, energy consumption. Google and Microsoft already use solar panels to power some of the electricity for their office campuses.  Wal-Mart has been reported to be looking at the same.  It remains to be seen what kinds of initiatives other companies take up.

 Read full post by Ashok Vemuri from Davos.


Anchoring is an important trend in society today. We are going back to our values and this includes getting closer and working with nature. Green Davos is a great concept in line with the environmental consciousness that is pervading in society. Keen marketers and astute businessmen will understand the importance of having business strategies and programmes in line with trends for obtaining desirable business results. Hence, the ‘green agenda’ should hold an important position in business strategy of companies today. – Sunil S Chiplunkar

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