The business world is being disrupted by the combined effects of growing emerging economies, shifts in global demographics, ubiquity of technology and accountability regulation. Infosys believes that to compete in the flat world, businesses must shift their operational priorities.

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Innovation through Collaboration: Addressing Flat World Challenges in the Hi-Tech Industry

The world of business has never seen such fierce competition. Neither has it seen such an abundance of information or opportunity! This creates the perfect recipe for “Collaboration 2.0” – which can give organizations that competitive edge, while also offering the world better products and services – practically created by the consumers. Read more about this trend here. I shared my thoughts on this at Oracle Open World. You could also view my presentation here.


Few months back, I had the opportunity discussing on Coke's innovation story through collboration and they have exemplified true Collaboration 2.0 to win in the turn and on better information use. Story unfolds here. You may find this case interesting.

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