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Web Content Management Tailored to Manufacturer's Needs

Guest Post by Varun Chhibber, Associate Consultant, MFGCSI- Digital Transformation Practice, Infosys

Web content management is the process of managing the content to be consumed over various online channels with the help of various tools. It is known by many names such as Web experience management, Web engagement management, Customer experience platform etc.

The WCM software market achieved total worldwide revenue of $1 billion in 2010, despite recessions in many major economies, and Gartner forecasts that it will reach $1.2 billion in 2011(Source: Gartner). The leading players in the field of WCM are Adobe, SDL, Autonomy, Oracle etc. offering tools which assist organizations in better managing their web content.

Organizations today expect WCM to not only manage the content of their websites but also to maximize the potential of  interactions with users, whether that means upselling/cross selling , engaging the visitor more etc.

To fulfill such expectations a WCM system has to understand the 'Context'. It has to understand the profile of the visitor (who is he? from where? needs? Etc.) and then offer the relevant content to cater to the needs of the visitor.

WCM is expected to integrate with applications such as web analytics, CRM, DAM, Social networking platforms, email campaign software, testing & optimization tools, enterprise marketing suites to provide a wholesome experience to a visitor.

Let us have a look at some of the Requisite functions for a WCM solution, these are shown below:

wcm1.png These are some of the functions which are expected out of a WCM solution these days.

Most common use cases or the scenarios in which content management is used for Manufacturing domain are listed below:

ü  Change management (Manufacturing processes)

ü  Communication & collaboration (Dispersed manufacturing facilities)

ü  Product development & planning (Automated design and data management systems)

ü  Document management ( Quality assurance and compliance requirements)


Manufacturers need content management for various purposes such as compliance, collaboration, efficiency gains etc.

The emerging trends which Manufacturers should look out for are listed below:


Manufacturers should have a deep look at these trends, offerings & Use cases and then try and align web content management in their strategies. Content management system may last up to 4-6 years and therefore these choices have to be made prudently, otherwise it may prove costly. Sectors like retail and consumer goods have embraced WCM fully and are enjoying the fruits of its success, now it's time for manufactures to dive in!


Good information about WCM Varun. We have also noticed that many manufacturing clients are normally inclined towards a light weight WCM solution which also bundles the presentation functionality with it. Customer experience frameworks are gaining increasing interest among them.

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