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Data Alchemy

Guest Post by

Priya Thampi, PTA, MFGADT, Infosys


Alchemy is an ancient science practiced to achieve perfection in both living and non living. In the modern e- world which lives and feeds on data, perfecting the DataAlchemy.pngbytes to sense our customers and shape our business is the biggest challenge for any D-alchemist...


Data in its infancy curve needs aggregation, a means to associate and transform itself in the best possible school of thoughts. These seasoned bytes thus major into Information in their adolescence. Specialization happens then on Natural Language Processing and of course Relationships which get them into the next phase of life namely Intelligence. These intelligent bytes live happily ever after!!!!


So that was the bed time story we all heard and slept over.... Let's try to see how happy they still are...


Derivation of Intelligence from data is the ultimate goal for any Enterprise and been happily done by the Business Intelligence platforms for the past 20-30 years.


But something was missing... was it to do with Data itself or its Creator... Actually the shift in perception happened from both ends leading to a new platform namely Analytic Intelligence...




BI is very conventional, old school and traditionally structured... so howz our new AI... He is fabulously ad hoc, unconventionally curious and fashionably unstructured.


BI is always a top down approach where requirements are pre defined and data for the same is identified and worked on.  Users are casual business executives and interested in knowing past metrics. Questions are always from the past... What, when, who, how ... The need is for corrective actions.


Now let's analyze AI a bit...


He has a bottom up outlook... Requirements are never there. Users are, ahem the CXOs and the analysis is always Statistical or Quantitative. Questions are tricky J why did it happen, will it happen again, what if, what else can this lead to. Here the need is to make Decisions...


So, what is this generation gap... And how can we bridge them...


This gap is the result of two major Mutants in the Intelligent Genre.... The Content Intelligence and the Continuous Intelligence....


Let's take The Content Intelligence first... It's all about analyzing information contained in various formats... structured as well as unstructured... Basically this variant likes to dress up and hide under different facets that need to be sliced diced and derived. He is deliberately enigmatic in nature.


He is definitely language savvy and relationship oriented.... Search engines and Text analytics are the platforms that groom him to deliver intelligence. Search over BI and BI over Search are some services that evolved out of these variations...


Going to the next one, basically Continuous Intelligence, we can aptly tag him with the saying "Change is the only Constant buddy". So, he is evolving and changing with every breath we take.... An interesting and dynamic persona J


Continuous Intelligence gives live commentary and helps in taking decisions that are accurate in the fast track digital life.


These two Superheroes combine to bridge the digital divide and make BI and AI wholesome and of course meaningful...





Good Explanation.

Surely this is the direction analytics has taken, such an exciting field!

Very good insights on data analytics. the flow is truly amazing..

Real-time BI and Analytics are the sought after; Traditional BI has morphed and are becoming near realtime - Whole lot is happening in the field of Information management - but to sustain everything needs to be directed to delivering business value - BI (or) AI!!

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