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The Three Marketeers!


Guest Post by

Priya Thampi, PTA, MFGADT, Infosys


Threemusketeers.jpgNo this adventure is not about Athos, Porthos and Aramis from Dumas. The three inseparable friends in my plot are Emotion, Reason and Memes.  They form the foundation and focus for the modern age Marketing.

During the advent of marketing in history, direct human interaction either in the markets or social spots were the only way to promote a product. Now Marketing happens mostly in unknown territories and the market cover they have is absolutely incomparable to the traditional ways.  But again what we lack is the human touch, which was the unique selling factor in the old strategies. How do we decipher mouse clicks and keystrokes to influence and persuade the subconscious brains? Let's see how our three marketers help us in achieving this economy of emotions.

Emotional Marketing evokes ego and passion within a person. It attaches trust and value on brands that proves lifelong commitment from the customer. People wear brand logos to show their fealty and trust. Brand has moved from products to lifestyles and sometimes even cults. Human emotions have changed history and its power has even touched moon. What are these emotions in marketing.... Promotions and Campaigns form the emotions online. They affect the right lobe of brain and get the quick attention of the Customer. EQ plays a large role in getting footfalls.

Now let's see what does our left brain have to say. He is the Reason and goes by facts and figures. He needs relevant information in the context. Product features, comparisons, reviews and ratings make his cavalry.  Absolutely cut throat and objective in nature. These decisions are pure and unbiased. But yes in digital context very much influential. Sites are nowadays equipped not only to give information about their own products but also to compare them with their competitors. This information helps a person to reason out his decisions.

So what is Memes? In lay man's word, it's the cultural counterpart of genes and is passed on by non genetic means. Mainly through behavioral imitations and influences.... Do we hear a social bell ring here!  These Memes influence our mind and initiate reactions that creates shift in behavior which is the ultimate goal for any Marketing campaign. These Memes in affluence with Emotions form a very powerful persuasion factor. Memes can be words, pictures, sounds or actions that elicit some desire in a human brain. 

A bitten apple takes us to Steve Jobs; a Red Cross sign rings an ambulance bell, Santa brings us those Christmas Carols! These are some forms of Memes.
Marketing.pngThese three friends work together to help a customer take a decision with the experience provided digitally. Emotions grab attention, followed by Memes that evoke desires and actions. Reasoning adds up to reinforce a decision.



As always, Great analogies!

Nice blog about new age marketing. Do you think Emotion, Reason and Memes can play a role in B2B marketing also?

Very much Saurav. E-Commerce either B2B or B2C now have evolved from Electronic Commerce to Emotional Commerce. B2B which was intelligence or fact driven is now taking a retail flavor and slowly becoming more humanoid. B2C already had this... a fact that's driving digital transformation revolution in MFG which has more B2B than retail...

Absolutely brilliant Priya..Agree 100% with what you have blogged..

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