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Embrace Personalization: Time to sit up and take notice

Ever wondered why we keep frequenting the same local shop, why we go to the same retailer again and again or why we prefer one outlet over another? If you look closely there is not much difference in the offerings of one retailer from the other. They all have the same store layout, same assortments, even the same offers and discounts. Still we tend to have proclivity towards our favorite, why?

The answer lies in the Special Attention that we get. Some call it special service and some call it attention to detail, you can call it Personalization. Its basic human psychology, we all crave for attention and we all love to be treated specially. Then why do we forget this when we are catering to our customers online!

In the real world costs of personalization are huge and it acts as a hindrance, but coming to the online scenario the ROI is immensely huge considering the small investments to be made. It's not that difficult these days to implement different pages for different sections of the audience. You just need to revisit your marketing basics:


personalisation.pngYou need to relentlessly stick to these basics to get your product to the right customers.

There are various tools in the market which can help you do this e.g. if you are a supplier to major OEMs in automotive sector covering two wheelers, four wheelers, heavy vehicles etc., you can provide different landing pages for different OEMs on your site.

If a two wheeler OEM visits your site and is catered products and offers relevant to four wheelers it defeats the whole purpose! A two wheeler OEM coming to your site should be directly taken to the page relevant to the two wheelers (not four wheelers or heavy vehicles) and provided with the offers related to their interest. I know all this takes a bit of extra effort, but it goes a long way in forging solid long term relationships with your partners!


"It is no longer good enough to simply satisfy your customers or to have a product that works. No longer can you merely deliver a service within the timescale you have set. All these are important and we have to do them. But what will really make the difference is when the customer asks: when I went through that experience, did the provider really engage with me, did they understand my needs, did they think logically about what was best for me?" Jo Causon, My Customer


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