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RFID enabled visibility in the Manufacturing supply chain

Various manufacturing organizations and their suppliers are rapidly adopting RFID to increase the efficiency and to streamline their processes.

In any industry involving multiple parties dealing with shipment of products, having "visibility" becomes an impetus. The manufacturing industry supply-chain also faces the following recurring problems including but not limited to:

* Dispatch Miss: If there is no ASN (Advanced Shipment Notification) sent by the supplier for the parts being shipped, then there is high probability of a scenario where what is received by the manufacturer is not same as what was expected. This can result in productivity losses, extra freight cost in getting the missing products air-shipped, delayed payments and bitterness in relationship with suppliers.

* Assembly of Variants: Verifying the correctness of an assembly requires the correct parts for a particular variant to be "visible" and available immediately to the engineer on the shop-floor.

* WIP Tracking: Locating misplaced parts in the warehouse and ensuring they are available at the production line is critical to avoid line-stoppage.

* Finished Goods Visibility: While fulfilling a large order, it is essential to locate where the correct finished product is kept and bring it to the loading dock-door in minimal time.

Many such issues can be addressed with the use of AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) technologies. This view-point discusses the possibility of introducing RFID and Barcode based tracking into the Manufacturing supply-chain with minimal disruption to the operations of both, the manufacturer as well as the supplier.

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