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The Search Engine Psyche Part 1


The Googles of the world have changed the way we searched for information forever. Today we can access vast oceans of knowledge with just one click. It changed the way we remember, categorize, search, and organize information. Today's generation want search functionality everywhere, right from their smartphones to the documents they are accessing are expected to have some basic search features. What happens when such employees enter organizations and are faced with an inefficient search which won't respond in the way which they have always taken for granted?


 Web Search Process


Employees expect a friendly and intuitive search experience at the office as well, something similar to web search with which they have grown up. Here the Enterprise search comes into the picture.

Enterprise search is generally defined as "the practice of making content searchable to a defined audience, from multiple enterprise-type sources such as databases and intranets."  Enterprise search helps in locating the right information at the right time for the right people. If you have a wonderful knowledge repository through which employees can't navigate or search the information they are looking for, you have missed the point!

Listed here are a few Benefits of Enterprise search which can help your organization become much more efficient & responsive:



Informed and Smarter Decision making: Your employees will be able to effectively search and get enough data points to make an informed decision in a time efficient fashion and unlocking the hidden value of your information systems.

Intuitive Search-Better user experience: Enterprise search helps you provide a better user experience through superior design & user interfaces.

Guided navigation: Enterprise search helps you in providing better and 'contextualized' results to users through guided search. It provides users with filter criterions through which they can arrive at precise results without wasting time on unnecessary categories. This helps in providing the much needed context to the search capabilities.

Increased Efficiency: Your employees would be enabled to spend much more time on productive tasks rather than searching for information which is difficult to locate.

Global workforce enablement: People working in different time zones would be able to search efficiently the information/answers on the internal search rather than waiting for people to respond due to time zone differences saving you precious time!

Device agnostic approach: You can enable your employees to search information from anywhere using device of their choice. In these days of BYOD (Bring your own device to office) it is much more appealing to provide such a capability and independence to your employees.

Regulatory Compliance: Enterprise search helps organizations respond in a swift manner when faced with a legal issue, it helps in furnishing all the requisite documents quickly which otherwise would be difficult to locate from disparate locations.

So it makes great sense to invest a bit in an intuitive search system which helps your employees in getting the right information to make those important decisions. Provide a friendly search system, maybe something similar to a usual web search which will help your employees save a lot of time while fully utilizing the information assets present already in your organization. Happy searching! 


Very well written Varun. In this era of Knowledge Workers, the true enablement of employess will happen only when they have access to the right information at the right time. An effective Enterprise search serves that purpose.

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