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Get me a PDM - Personal Driving Management app!!!

I had blogged about Automotive App Store sometime back and this one is taking off from where I left. I have been working with leading OEMs and Tier 1 vendors in the auto sector. Most of them are discussing app stores and we have been having energizing discussions internally as well. I have been wondering as a consumer what would be apps that would really help me in the vehicle and here's one that I would want on my vehicle (and maybe on the smartphone as well). It's a Personal Driving Management (PDM) app very similar to Personal Finance Management (PFM - ) tools provided by my bank. I would like to invite the readers on a virtual tour of this app.

What should a PDM do?

For starters, the app should tell me my driving history, habits etc. which are pretty much after the fact.  In addition, I would like the report to resemble my bank statement - Debits and Credits i.e. when did I fuel up and how long did it take me to refuel? What else? I would like to be alerted on the parts/components that need servicing/replacement so that when I visit a service shop, I am not at their mercy (which is definitely the case right now). Do I want the app to schedule my next appointment? Maybe, but most definitely it should equip me with information to help me have an intelligent conversation with the service technician. Let's imagine a bit more - maybe the app tracks replacement service parts, warranty etc. I am certain some of you have better and wilder imagination on what else can be done.

Why should I have a PDM

I think fuel and maintenance are the top two cash guzzlers in the vehicle ownership journey. I would embrace technology and tools that would help me optimize on these two elements. I also think that it would help balance the information asymmetry that exists between the driver and service organization. I would be benefited by the fuel statement to plan my trips better.

There's probably quite a bit of behind the scenes technology that needs to be enabled and implemented to make this possible. Automakers might be reluctant to share proprietary vehicle related data with 3rd party developers. Are there ways around it? Most definitely, so it's question of when and not how. Get me a PDM app!!!

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