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Commiserating the Traditional Marketing

The social media has such an influence today that every brand is in a mad rush to make their presence felt on the social scene. It all started with people lukewarmly opening up to the social media as a marketing medium & then suddenly it garnered so much hype that everyone started measuring clicks, likes, shares and what not!

Slowly but surely, the market has matured and marketers are starting to realize that Social networks cannot magically transform their brand but at the same time it is a very effective medium by which they can create a brand presence which will be very effective in the long run.

One Way Flow- Information Avalanche

Earlier Organizations used to reach their consumers by Newspaper, Magazines & Radio shows. Then came TV and everyone started buying prime time slots for their advertisements. All this while nobody cared about the consumer interest, the whole focus was on feeding high volumes of unidirectional information to the consumers with highly ineffective metrics to gauge the reliability of such methods.

'Clicks' Obsession

Then came the era where everyone was on the INTERNET wagon and everyone wanted to place their ads in mailboxes, social network pages, portals etc. All this, only led to a frenzy where marketers only counted the clicks & likes. Nobody took a pause & thought- is it helping me to convert a prospect into a customer or what is the level of consumer engagement!

Dynamic flow- Dawn of a new age




Web 2.0 as we know it is all about the dynamic flow/ sharing of information. Now the consumers does not only receive information about a product on a page but also at the same time they can 'Rate' it, 'Review' it & 'Comment' on it. This completely changes the game and brings it to an even keel for the consumers.


Features of Web 2.0



 Web 2.0 has enabled the following Social Media Outlets:




web2.0 outlets.png 

This new found empowerment has led to various companies seeing their products getting accolades & at the same time many products have been thrashed royally in the social arena leading to a realization that the organizations can no longer take consumers for granted. People have ways to show their discontent on social media and this should send out alarm bells to organizations as they always have to be on their toes now. Even a single bad review can tarnish their reputation depending upon the source and once on the net it will always be there for users to access it & will show up in search results.

Still taking it lightly? Do it at your own peril!


FOOD FOR THOUGHT- How to position yourself

§  Share relevant content. Give your marketing team the tools to make changes on the fly keeping them ahead of the game. Forget the old days when it took days to update your site content, now there are tools available which can help you post interesting & fresh content quickly. Make use of them!

§  Follow-up on the comments. Don't just put some content or blog posts on your site & forget! Connect with your customers & try to follow-up as soon as possible. There are tools in the market having sentiment analysis feature which can let you know what is being said about your brand on the net. This can help you nip in the bud all the bad press which can affect your brand adversely.

§  Is your site mobile friendly? Today the consumers are accessing data from Tablets, PCs, Smartphones, PDAs etc. and they want to interact with sites which seamlessly provide high performance with each of these platforms. Tune into Responsive design and discover how you can provide your users a consistent & seamless experience across platforms!

§  Integrate your social media outlets with your website. Make it easier for the visitors to follow your updates on the social media, enable sharing.

§  Benchmark against the best in your industry & beyond. Invest in understanding what are the latest features which are helping organizations connect better with their customers.

Start by taking slow but steady steps towards Social Marketing, it is bound to reap you huge dividends once you truly start engaging your customers!


Thanks Varun for nice articulation.

A very well writen blog Varun. Thanks for sharing this. Surely Social Media has evolved from being a simple Marketing medium to a channel for Lead Generation, Customer Engagement etc.

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