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Want to feed burgers to your Business Applications; go ahead we will digest it!

Post by Jagmeet Singh, Principal, Manufacturing Management Consulting Services in collaboration with Ankit Magon, Senior Systems Engineer, FSI Practice

Yes, I know title of blog looks little intriguing especially with relation of burgers and business applications. However, it is an interesting perspective and appeared while having burgers with my friend and also the contributor to this blog, Ankit.

I am from business consulting background and Ankit is from production support. Though we share same interests of being health freaks, working out in gym and riding bikes but when it comes to looking at technology, our perspectives vary to an extent. And with this blog, I thought of looking into the perspectives of business and production support amalgamation in our IT enabled supply chain world.

I enjoy my burgers and I cannot have just one. But I don't mind it that much because I am in a habit of sweating it out in the gym and burn it up. So on such cheats were I indulge in overload of calories my system doesn't bother that much, and I guess it says "Never mind buddy! Enjoy, I will take care of the rest". And, this is the analogy which matches cent percent to the supply chain business scenarios today.

From forecasting to capacity planning to order management to order fulfillment, most of the supply chain is enabled by IT systems and in this case ERP to be precise. And for business to be competitive, it requires maximum output from the ERP applications in managing large amount of data (calories :-)). While applications are churning out data, another high level task is to ensure 'Reliability', 'Availability', and in case of downtime, quick 'Serviceability' of the applications, ensuring process improvement and automation leading to huge savings of effort and costs.

This means, servers hosting applications need to be practically up throughout. And for servers, downtime above 1% per year is regarded as unacceptable because it results in a downtime of more than 3 days per year! Now this becomes a priority task for businesses, because this data eventually turns out to be the money! And Meghan Kelly has exactly pointed the same in her blog titled 'Businesses lost $70M over the last 5 years due to server downtime'. Amazing isn't it?

So, like our body, when business says "end of day's play" the production support (digestion) takes over the field to set it up for the next day's play. And as we all know, a product could become obsolete however its support and service has to continue for much larger period. Well, next time your system feels hungry (i.e. your business requires to work with even more data), feed it the burgers (feed it unrestrained calories), production support will measure the exact calorie intake and provide the health report.

Value Add: Burgers are bad for human system, not for information system. J





Good one!

Good thoughts!!! Feed is excellent in form of burgers but now there would more calories. So, I rate this with High calorific value 😊

An interesting analogy. Coming from a support project, I completely agree that the downtime management is the most critical aspect to any project. Good job!

Good Read!! Nice Analogy. An Interesting perspective to what you do.

yes I agree,workout increases our efficiency. Similarly support team increases business efficiency to deliver results.

“The vendor will ensure the service uptime of at least 99.99%”, though not the exact words but having the same meaning. Whatever little contracts I have come across previously, these words were part of the so called “standard template”. I always wondered about the balance part of 100% i:e what about the rest of 0.01%! I did not get an answer to this, but my mind reasoned that nothing is 100%, so probably 99.99% is closer to 100% and 99.99% looks better than 99% on a contract, so be it!

Assuming a downtime of 0.01% in a year, it comes to about a days’ time of downtime. Is this is a good number or a bad number is not the question. The point worth considering is that it is that one day in a year which is spread across those tiny windows of minutes and seconds when the impact to business is minimal or negligible. What it takes…it takes some sleepless nights and uncountable graveyard shifts by folks in the so called support function gazing at the dashboards day in day out!

It’s high time that production SUPPORT gets a more respectable name…after all aren’t they the ones who ensure that the organization engines are always full throttle. Aren’t they the ones who are equally responsible in ensuring that an organization keeps its client commitments and meets its revenue targets?

Rightly thought, Business and Production Support go like hand in glove. The burger analogy is ultra-fresh and brings a new perspective of viewing Business and Production Support alliance in an interesting way. Finely tossed up nuggets of information makes it a good read. Nice piece of work.

A very refreshing read!!!

Agreed Himanshu. Sometimes, in chase for looking after top revenue, we forget to appreciate the downstream's hard work. This post was to revive that collaboration.

Interesting Article highlighting the importance and criticality of Production Support.

Production Support invariably gets a raw deal. But to put things in perspective, without the backbone - 'Prod Support', nothing will work. This article is an eye opener to those who feel Prod support is just a cake walk.

Nice blog -Burgers in Business. Thought provoking.

This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I love
seeing that understand the value of providing a quality resource for free.

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