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Importance of building a Strong Social Media Presence and ways to create this.


Guest Post by

Jitendra Kumar Singh, Senior Associate Consultant, MFGADT Online, Infosys

For any industry to stay competitive in the current environment, it has become imperative for them to connect with the current customers and also to reach out to new ones in all forms of media.

Social media provides an easy channel for business to put advertisements as compared to traditional channels of Newspaper and TV and also engage with customers gaining their satisfaction and loyalty in the long run. A recommendation or a testimonial by a fan on Facebook or LinkedIn goes a long way in encouraging others to visit the Website. 

Once customers get some information regarding the Product or Service, Businesses can target specific audiences to convert with their specific offerings.  

Benefits to Businesses in having a Social Presence:

1.    Companies have direct access to the fans and customers in a cheap and easy way

2.    Social media has become the new search Engine where people search based on their interest and requirements

3.    Besides traditional search Engines like Google and Bing customers use Social media to find information on required products and services and also to review and discuss the offerings with other users

4.    Businesses can use this channel to enhance Customer Satisfaction by resolving the grievances and hence becoming more Customer friendly

5.    Social media presence enhances the Search Engine Ranking as Search Engines take this into account in their algorithm

6.    It provides a platform for Businesses to build relationship and have direct access to fans, supporters and users


Steps to take benefit of Social Media and increase revenue of the Business

1.    Connect to people on popular Social Media platforms by creating groups, forums and engaging with them

2.    Creating content of high quality and value which is interesting and interactive. The theme of the pages must be consistent

3.    Use the Promotional Pages provided by two most popular Social Media platforms i.e. Facebook and LinkedIn which is an inexpensive way for Marketing

4.    Inform the users about new product and services and also ask them about the feedback and comments about existing ones

5.    Use blogs and forums to let the users interact with each other and also in having a two way communication in real time between the Companies and the Customers.

With new Social Media platforms coming up every day, it is important for Businesses to have a Strategy in place and select appropriate Media to stay ahead in the competition.


Hi Everybody,

Cool,Well Said - Author of this article is Insightful on the subject/ title,taken for discussion.

Social Medias opened up the new corridor for effective growth & business.The wonder part of it is,the unofficial ease of interaction,that may,by and large,be the real reflection of,mood / mind / preference,which is the essential for effective implementation of betterment and thereby earning success.

Yes, that's very true, the social media is effective key to marketing.

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