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Unravelling Social Commerce Age: The Dawn of the Social Consumer

Here a few interesting observations, check them out:

Globally, almost half of those with online access use social media to enable purchase decisions 

Almost one third of the consumers do tend to act on a promotional message on a company's social media pages

More than half of the US online consumers use YouTube and other social media channels to browse and research an organization

Facebook influences the way people made purchase decisions based on their exposure to ads and comments

Still think social consumer can be ignored? Companies who are investing in creating better social experiences for their customers are going to reap rich dividends in the long run as more and more customers are on social websites and conversations are happening in real time about the experiences (good/bad) they went through during purchase or post purchase process. Business cannot control the conversations but can manage it much more effectively by proactive participation!


Social commerce has brought with itself a new breed of user who likes to talk about the products she purchased, liked or disliked. Today's user is very passionate in supporting the brands she love and at the same time does not leave any stone unturned to trash the brand where the experience has not been satisfactory. This presents an unusual opportunity for the business to tap into these 'Brand advocates' but at the same time it is a big risk and a perennial threat to brands if they goof up.

There is so much happening on the web and while we are reading this so much would have been posted on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. It is very difficult for the organizations to control all these discussions but at the same time it presents an unprecedented opportunity for them to engage users at a deeper level.


All this has started to interest the B2B commerce sites as well because it is just not an option to ignore whatever is being written about your organization and business has to proactively engage with customers in these discussions and provide solution and redress the grievances faced by the user as swiftly as possible. This will be the key in these ever-changing times!


Ways to Engage Your Target Audience:


social commerce2.png
All these are only a few ways in which we can drive a better engagement with the social consumers and help the business grow faster & better. So let your social teams go creative and see what impact that has on your sales in the long term!


It is a bit tricky to predict what lies ahead in this space, but one thing which is quite certain is that more and more users will expect better social integration for their commerce sites and this will drive the next level of customer engagement!
So are you up for the challenge? 

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