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Who wants to pay for an analyst report?

Other day, I wanted to have some specific information on a certain market segment. Tried various sources and finally stumbled upon a link to a leading analyst's report on the topic- only to be put off by its astronomical cost. While I badly wanted that information, at the same time did not think it is worth that kind of money they are charging. More so since the actual information that I am seeking is only a small portion of the report. I am sure there are many more who share my perspective. This made me wonder how many customers would be prepared to part with such a huge amount for these reports. Are these reports priced at the right levels? Do these analysts who churn out reports on marketing / pricing strategies for other companies, themselves need a lecture of pricing and packaging their own product?

There was a time- some years back-when we used to have too little sources of such information. Those days these analyst firms were the only place you could go to get reliable answers. Now we have too many information sources and these reports is just one of them- that too which are voluminous ones containing 90% stuff which we don't need at the given point in time. Why should I pay for all of that in these times of blogging and micro-blogging? Can't they change their business model to customized solutions for specific context? Instead on bringing out huge, bulky reports in a templatized manner? 

Who is the customer for these reports? Let's specifically focus on IT world.  As I had mentioned in one of my previous blogs, the real decision makers are now the business or end-users. IT department's role is that of enabler.  Do they really care for or for that matter; even understand the numbers these reports are churning out? Can they relate to heavy terms like "value constellation", "value stream analysis" etc.? I am also seeing problem with analyst report being "sponsored" by product vendors- what happens to the neutrality? Isn't it that consultants like me selectively quote from analyst reports if it suits us.

To sum it up- its high time analyst take note of the current market realities and customer preferences and repackage their offerings. They need to focus more on delivering value-added, customized solutions to the customers which would help them do their job better. That's the only way they justify their big price tag.

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