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Is enough being done for enterprises in connected cars?

Technology and gadgets have always caught man's fancy since centuries. And cars - always a hotbed for new cool technology - have historically pulled more customers into dealer showrooms whenever there is an exciting feature to showcase. Hence, it is no surprise that more and more automotive companies are focusing on building cool connected car apps for the technology trendy customer of today.

The usual consumer apps in a connected car are GPS navigation, traffic alerts, internet radio or music, search engines, internet browsers, remote door lock/unlock, etc. All these are consumer focused and will heavily rely on transactions between the car, the driver and the World Wide Web. However, enterprise is often the last place for automotive customers to focus upon. The reasons are evident:

  • Consumer apps create better selling and marketing points since their benefits can be fully perceived by customers
  • Building mobile applications is easier and faster as compared to enterprise applications
  • Compatibility and integration are enterprise challenges that are comparatively easier to resolve on the consumer app side
  • The customer need for ubiquitous connectivity can be met more satisfyingly with consumer apps in cars

Let's face it. It's now a given that the sprint race would be won by consumer apps. But does that leave out enterprise apps completely?

The answer is a big No. For the amount of data that a car can generate, the analytics wealth hidden within that data is of unimaginable value. Imagine if the enterprise (automotive manufacturer) can forewarn you of an impending breakdown and book a service appointment. Imagine if based on someone else's recent warranty report, your car gets recalled earlier than usual and thus prevents any accident of breakdown for anyone using the same batch model. Imagine if your car broadcasts a lease payment notification as soon as you start the engine and thus helps you to maintain your credit ratings. There are many more benefits of using the power of the enterprise to make the driver experience enjoyable and stress free. No one wants to have a breakdown in the middle of the road or mess up their credit rating unnecessarily.

Cars can be connected to enterprises using a connected car platform and can allow millions of bytes of car data to be analyzed using big data and analytics. The output of this can then be used to tailor the services back to the car or the car driver. Unlike consumer apps that are more or less a one-on-one interaction between the car and the car driver, enterprise apps have a wider use of big data and analytics. These help automotive companies to better understand the car's behavior and pass this learning to other cars such that timely intervention can make the car experience more enjoyable.

If your customer is truly at the center of your automotive business, it is time now to do more by unleashing the enterprise power on connected cars. Can you agree more?


Very well said Avinash. Apps that integrate with the enterprise and at the same time bring value to the consumers is the future for connected vehicle technology!

Yes Rakhi. Enterprise does hold the key to the future of connected vehicle technology

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