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Celebrating Entrepreneurship and Innovation- USC Marshall School of Business


Today Entrepreneurship and innovation are considered to be the key drivers in sustainable growth of an economy. In light of same there is a need to encourage youth and adults alike to take the leap into new ventures and more importantly empower them to be successful. Economies can no longer let innovation restricted to "Eureka moments" of a few inspired souls. A systemic intervention is the call of the day and hence the emphasis on entrepreneurial education. Many universities have pioneered this cause and today we celebrate the success of one such esteemed business school, the University of Southern California (USC) Marshall School of business.


The Marshall School started as the College of Commerce and Business Administration in 1920 and renamed in 1997 following a huge grant of $35 million from Gordon S Marshall, an alumni of the university. The school was the first to offer an Entrepreneurship program in US and the innovation culture continues even today. More than 90% of the faculties are entrepreneurs, lending great credibility to the program. The program is now renamed The Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies. U.S News & World report ranks the center as the #2 center in the country focused on entrepreneurship. The center offers both graduate and undergraduate programs to help students develop the skill to start and manage new ventures. It also organizes business plan competitions to provide the seeding capital to the top teams so that they can realize their business idea.

Some of the distinguished alumni of the Marshall Business School are Chris DeWolfe -Cofounder and CEO MySpace; Marc Benioff - Founder and CEO of; Dan Bane - Chairman and CEO of Trader Joe's. The Marshall has one of the most widespread alumni networks in the world. The members are known as being part of the "Trojan family". The family becomes stronger with the culture of Trojans supporting and recruiting fellow Trojans.

Apart from the program in entrepreneurship the Marshall school of business offers undergraduate and graduate programs in accounting, full and part time MBAs, short term executive courses,  business certificate programs and masters in specialized topics and a PHD program. Further information on the courses offered, scholarships and admissions can be availed from As part of its commitment to advanced research the Marshall school of business also operates many Centers of excellences in various innovative disciplines. Details about each of the centers are available on

The school consists of 4 state of the art multistory buildings. The main building for MBA students is the Popovich Hall and is considered one of the most technologically advanced among the buildings of business schools in the US. Then we have the Bridge hall which holds the various administrative offices. The other two building are the Hoffman hall which is an 8 story building which also houses the library and the accounting building. One can experience the campus life by enrolling for the summer business program (SBP) a four week tuition program with on campus stay and meals included. Another way to experience the campus life is to join the Marshall MBA ambassador program where one can visit a class along with a first year student and enjoy a guided tour of the Popovich hall, the main building of the campus.  A nice video about the full time MBA course and some campus views is available on the USC Marshall Web link

Whether entrepreneurship and innovation can be taught, remains an unresolved question. But business schools like USC Marshall which are consistently churning our future leaders and successful entrepreneurs seem to be winning the debate as of now.

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