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Infosys partners with USC Marshall School of Business for Supply Chain Excellence


With economic slowdown, triggered by the recently witnessed recession, the global manufacturing sector experienced a drop in demand. This led to an unprecedented loss of employment in this sector. Today, this leaves us with a high demand for highly skilled resources. The industry demand for skills that meet their specific job requirements seem to be the hardest to come across, especially in the supply chain sector.

To add to these woes, globalization, increasing customer expectations, and stringent local and global regulations have added risk and complexity to the supply chains of today. In order to regain ground, we need to think of reforms that would help us get back on the growth bandwagon. As a starting point, it would be great to see investments in the field of education that would lead to the creation of educational programs to help meet the growing job demand in this industry.  Institutes that create such focused training programs need to be cognizant of what the sector really needs and be abreast of the latest developments in the industry and the best practices to be followed in order to augment its growth. Unfortunately, the research and insights, that are currently available for working employees and students, do not draw a parallel with what the industry wants. We are looking for quality education that can help engage our ignited minds and flare up the innovation quotient. We certainly would not want redundancy.

The recently formed partnership between Infosys and the USC Marshall School of Business is a classic example.Infosys will be closely associated with the curricular and research activities of the University's Global Supply Chain Management center.  The specialized post graduate degree on Supply chain management, from the university, will be the first officially integrated Master's program on supply chain management strategies that meets its mission of Education, Networking, and Advanced Research. This course will focus on advancing global supply chain management for a sector which is vying to employ over a million qualified professionals by the end of 2016, in the US alone.   

As part of the team from Infosys who have partnered with the university, we will be running several programs on thought leadership, industry relevant education and co-ordinate with industry experts, organizations, trade bodies and local authorities, for the center's activities. Infosys's supply chain practice would gain immensely, from the advanced research and networking activities of the USC's supply chain center. In line with its corporate social responsibility commitment, Infosys will also actively contribute to the humanitarian projects undertaken by the center.

This specialized program, will be perceived as a saving grace in the supply chain industry, and is also seen as the educational sector's proactive response to demand that's driven by the industry need for leaders who can drive growth.

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