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Chunks, Slices, bits, bytes...are we really simplifying our life?


While the Manufacturing industry, the machinery, the equipments and the factories are large in physical dimensions atleast, content marketing or content in itself is getting smaller and simpler. As a marketer, writing chunky bits about something as large as an automotive manufacturing plant, sometimes is a dilemma in question. But having said that, one often has to simplify lengthy case studies into 3-column content and yet convey the meaning. Or if needed, into a 140-character count twitter post too as needed. This got me thinking if we are simplifying our life or are we actually shrinking our attention-span as well?

The human brain consists of about one billion neurons. Each neuron forms about 1,000 connections to other neurons, amounting to more than a trillion connections. The brain's memory storage capacity is around 2.5 petabytes (or a million gigabytes). For comparison, if your brain worked like a digital video recorder connected to a television, 2.5 petabytes would be enough to hold three million hours of TV shows. Well, that would mean that one runs the TV continuously switched on for more than 300 years to consume this storage.


Probably this is the first time that voluminous, instant information has been easily available than the resources it takes to consume the same. There is also a need to ration our attention or we could risk inviting what Timothy Young calls "Infobesity". We will need to learn to consume more high-quality content rather than wasting our attention on sugary YouTube videos. Web giants like Google and other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, our mobile devices have contributed to this.

While the question still remains: because the amount of information readily available will continue to only increase, how do we manage it? How will we continue to integrate it into our busy, overpacked, exhausted lives? How will it continue to complicate and easen our lives in certain ways? Also will our attention-span only get weaker?

Are we knocking on the doors of the 'Attention-deficit-Age'?

R.I.P Information Age.




Rama, it is not that technology is not making things easy. A communication exchange that used to take a week in the age of paper memos today takes less than 5 minutes and will be replaced by intelligent business rules driven smart devices, running off the cloud with more information to process and decide with than ever before.What can be detrimental of course, is if humans with their restless minds allow the advantage of technology to be eroded by a attention-deficit mind that cannot keep its attention on what is necessary for a long enough time.

This has definitely got my grey matter worried :)..well thought!!

Very coincidental. I just happened to discuss about the same to one of my senior colleague today. Certainly we have attention deficit due to variety of attractions around called information where many of them are junks..

I agree with you Rama. With information overload our retention levels are getting lower than what it used to be. Focused and impactful content is what we need to aim for.

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