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Energizer Microforum at Sapphire 2014

Energizer, a leading manufacturer of batteries and personal care products, conducted an SAP microforum at Sapphire today here in Orlando. The session provided an outline on the approach they followed to implement their SAP program. They also shared the lessons that they had learnt, while implementing the solution, to the other SAP partner firms attending Sapphire. 

It was a very interesting hour as it helped us understand how the SAP program, that helped Energizer streamline its IT landscape, was instrumental in improving their business processes. The roll-outs in North America, Europe, and Asia helped harmonize global processes by instance consolidation and migration. They were also able to consolidate multiple applications into fewer instances by closely examining their business processes. 

Inclusion of localization features based on language, currency and time zones helped improve processes in the emerging regions. The session was testimony to how Energizer was able to reduce the total cost of ownership by successfully consolidating and streamlining its SAP systems. 

Energizer Microforum - Copy.jpg

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