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Game of Conversions: 10 Quick Wins to Spruce up your B2B eCommerce Offering!


In my previous post we talked about the latest trends in the B2B eCommerce space. Let us now quickly have a look at the Ten quick remedies to boost your existing ecommerce offerings and boost your conversions. These are a few Quick wins which we have shortlisted from our vast experience.


1) Creative login options: Too many sites loose customers due to tedious login procedures. Make it as seamless as possible. Nowadays even B2B organizations are flirting with the idea of LinkedIn & Facebook logins i.e. allowing users to login using their Facebook/ linked in credentials. Handling separate credentials for each site is a hassle and social login makes life easy for the users. Think about it.

2) Attract deal hunters with offers similar to B2C: Use flash sales and concepts like discounted shipping to drive the sales. B2B marketers can borrow a leaf from the B2C and use these tactics. With the advent of Amazon supply we predict that such tactics will gain wide prevalence.

3) Guided Search: This is basic hygiene and if your site does not have this you are missing on valuable sales dollars. Guided search helps your users reach the product of their interest quickly and aids in pushing the customer towards closing the deal. Many customers abandon the websites frustrated by the level of difficulty to reach the desired product.

4) Guided Selling: While guided search is for the users who are well aware about the product features and know what they want, guided selling is employed for the users who are not well acquainted with the product landscape. In guided selling users are presented with a series of questions and various options as answers. Based on the options chosen by the user, products are filtered after each question.

5) Consistent Structure: Construct your catalog and site structure in such a way that customers can intuitively traverse through your site making it easier for new products to be discovered by the client. Look at some of the biggies in this space and how they have categorized their offerings. Bring in the user experience experts and domain specialists to go intuitive!

6) Better Images & Product Content: Our experience tells us that better product images, visualization and content always succeeds in attracting more and more customers. Provide images from various angles, zoom options, images of various variants (color, size etc.). Go creative! Also self-help content (product related documentation) saves huge support costs and brings down the cost of servicing small clients. This in turn lets the representatives focus on bigger accounts.

7) Intelligent Personalization (Cross sell/ Upsell): Use all the customer information you have and create segments which could be catered with customized offers and content. If a customer is looking for a particular solution/ product, go ahead and suggest related products (cross sell) which will complement customer's selection or suggest alternatives (upsells) which you believe can better serve the customer. A win-win situation!

8) Explicit Call to action (Add to cart): Make it easy for the customer to add a particular product to the cart. It should be an effortless move and not something for which customers have to look around. Have 'add to cart' buttons on category pages, product details page, quick view, search results, comparison page etc. wherever we have some details related to a product there should be an option to add the product to the cart.

9) Transparent Shipping charges: This has been one of the most cited grievance by the customers and is credited as a major reason which leads to cart abandonment. Try and provide as much details about the shipping charges/ conditions as early in the process as possible. This should not come as a surprise to your customers which will lead to cart abandonment and also an unfavorable impression leading to loss of sales. Provide as many shipping options as possible to customers, our experience has shown that a good number of shipping options is always a positive factor increasing the customer stickiness. So try in store pickup, expedited deliveries etc. Your local store is the biggest weapon in your armory which can enable to fulfill your orders quickly by shipping products from the store which is closest to the customer!

10) Quick & streamlined Checkout process: This has been one of the greatest nemesis of the various shopping experiences offered by B2B sellers. Clients have expressed this as one of the major reason for cart abandonment. The issues can range from asking too much information to complete checkout, surprising shipping charges, no idea how long it will take to complete the process to being asked same information again and again (billing address & shipping address to be filed separately even if they are the same.) Quick fixes that we recommend- introduce shipping charges as early in the process as possible so that it does not come as a surprise, use the profile information of the client to pre populate information, always specifically call out how many steps need to be completed before the checkout completes and where exactly the customer is currently in the process. One of the other major boost could be many options for payment!

So now that you have discovered the quick wins, go ahead and start enhancing your Digital customer experiences!

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