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Sapphire 2014 - SAP 'Run Simple'

The keynote session at 'Sapphire Now' by SAP CEO Bill McDermott was on how we can simplify processes with technology. He talked about changing complex business processes to make business simple by removing 'complexity'. Refreshing as it sounds, it can be likened to a conference being attended by 25,000 in-situ attendees with over 250,000 online! 

The word 'Simple', said with ease, is clearly not an easy task to achieve. But in order to do things simply, it takes sophistication. In order to reinstate that, Bill announced the inclusion of the SAP Fiori line of apps and SAP Screen Personas software along with the underlying licenses of SAP software. Thus, instead of making employees work around processes, Fiori from SAP makes processes simple by changing processes that required 10 clicks to 2 click processes. 

A leading FMCG company, with over 800 factories spread across the globe, has used Fiori to reduce the number of clicks it required from 10 to 2. This has, indeed, helped simplify the process aspect from an operational point of view. 

SAP has decided not to charge the customer for Fiori and has included it as part of the Suite. SAP is simple from now on.. because the customer expects simple! 


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