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The future of enterprise applications transformed with Cloud and mobility

With the proliferation of 'Digital', industries worldwide have seen a paradigm shift in the technological space. The growing need to stay connected on social and business networks on the go have led to the rise of the Internet of Things coupled with cloud, mobility and big data solutions. With smart mobile devices and virtual apps, powered by cloud solutions, taking the hot seat in enterprises, it has become imperative for manufacturers to tap the collaborative capabilities of these devices to improve business processes and to enable seamless integration between the resultant cloud ecosystem and the enterprise. IT would need to manage virtual applications that will now be accessible by mobile devices. BYOD could mean increased dependence of employees on a single device where personal and work related data will need to be accessed at the same time. This transformation of the enterprise mobility infrastructure is seen as a good monetization solution by CIOs. With BYOD getting to be the next norm, there seems to be a growing demand for business apps targeted at employees as compared to yesteryear's consumer apps. This will require the intervention and support of the enterprise, while keeping a keen eye on adherence to security stipulations.  

This year's Sapphire focused on modernized industries that are powered digitally to reap the true benefits of collaboration. The keynote session by SAP CEO Bill McDermott served as a pronounced launchpad for the new version of SAP Fiori into the market. This will provide SAP users with an outstanding user experience at no additional license costs. What's most interesting is its simple and cost-effective sales order mobile app suite that sales executives can leverage for easy access to their accounts and prospects on the move. 



It's all in the cloud

Unnerving focus on supply chain optimization, distribution, real-time data for analytics and forecasts, have led manufacturers to shift their applications to cloud based infrastructure solutions. The manufacturing industry, in response to addressing this pronounced consumer need, has carved steep inroads towards collaboration and creation of connected networks by leveraging the power of the cloud and the advancements in mobility solutions. While keeping the organization on the same page with respect to updates and collaborative efforts, the cloud aids in the efficient streamlining of processes, improving agility and enables better response times. Since these apps can be accessed from mobile devices on the move, it has triggered a renewed demand for data security solutions, to check for information vulnerabilities, and supply chain risk management solutions.


Mobility and telematics for M2M Communication

The automotive industry, in recognition to the growing need for consumer connectivity and access to insights derived from the huge volumes of data generated, has been developing cutting edge connected car technologies to stay at the forefront of innovation. Telematics have opened exciting prospects for car manufacturers and seems to be very promising in terms of innovative solutions that aid driver awareness, access to a lot more information on the move with minimal intervention and highly reliable safety features. Mobile apps, that help control access and fasten security, are being developed to communicate with smart dashboards. These help add convenience to the whole driving experience and promises the future of a fuel efficient, safer and intelligent drive. The data generated from the continuous usage of these apps is further analyzed and utilized by the car manufacturer to crowd source ideas that can help them embed newer features and technologies into the automobile.  

The Internet of Things will be adding scores of devices to an interconnected cloud which will need to be constantly updated with real-time information. Next generation technologies, such as big data, mobility, and cloud will be paramount for enterprises that are vying to go digital. Machine to machine communication will enable predictive analytics leading to smarter maintenance of assets. By integrating mobility with M2MC, we will see a sea of technological developments in the years to come.


Digitization: What lies ahead?

The future of digitization lies in the hands of a decentralized decision maker community that would want the business and technological factors of consideration to be amalgamated for strategic reasoning that leads to IT transformation.

But with the increasing complexity in requirements and in order to keep in sync with the changing technology landscape, organizations would collaborate extensively with a wide range of partners, both inside and outside their industries. They will need to invest in resources and partnerships that will take them ahead of their competition.

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