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Getting content marketing right through the newsletter medium


Handling content marketing is an interesting, constantly learning and evolving role. It's a great opportunity for us as Marketers to interact with our sales folks and know who their existing contacts and customers are also what solutions, our prospects maybe looking for. While one may have the opportunity to visit a booth and talk about possible solutions, I also enjoy talking to visitors through our website, our blog pages and twitter handle about our company, or even the services we offer.

Consider a visitor who may stare at the booth literature for a little longer than a few minutes, we as marketers take the opportunity to capture their mind-space through an important e-medium, the newsletter. While some look at demo units up and down and some others are oblivious of its presence - we need to make the quick eye contact with an attractive subject line and topic that we are discussing in the content that flows. What is happening here, is the non-verbal part of the prospect's brain is already at work -  trying to fit together a small puzzle as they browse through the short and subtle newsletter html sitting pretty on their desktop or palmtop as the case may be.

·         Brand

·         Products or services available

·         Purpose/ Need

·         Importance

Or in short, what is in it for me?

All of this information can be neatly packaged and positioned with a good spiel or a story.

What is equally important since there is no voice, is the visual clarity of the medium. How do we want to position the newsletter in terms of look and feel. What do we want the colours to convey or the design. Being a manufacturing-centric newsletter, do I use colours like orange and black, do I have a serious tone for conversations since I am not addressing the young-and-dashing crowd.

As content marketers our itch to flip the control of the conversation ... that is, to move the visitor from a 'mark' to a 'lead' quickly. Since one is in an unfamiliar territory, the need to put them at terms of content is all the more critical. Also one of the even odder moments say, at a trade show booth is when a conversation gets passed from one booth-person to the other. But that is a good sign that the discussion is probably shifting from 'puzzling' to the 'familiar'. Drawing parallels to this, if as a marketer, the content from one story to the next has been interesting enough, that is also a great job done.

It all starts when you meet the prospect at their level and pace. Websites are awesome for this because a visitor can linger on and linger back until they decide to engage us. It shields us from several awkward moments. But, done right, these awkward moments can be awesome opportunities to make new relationships, and hopefully, regular customers or subscribers as the case maybe.


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