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Predictive service maintenance - A step ahead

 Author: Alpesh Chauhan, CRM Lead Consultant, Manufacturing, Infosys Ltd.


Proactive service maintenance is not just limited to preventive maintenance but it is also includes predictive maintenance. Service management is usually associated with negative experience as customer contacts service provider when product has some issues. But it can be turned in to positive experience if services are handled carefully and promptly, which can result in lesser asset down time and faster service resolution. That's why, it can be an opportunity for service provider to convert bad customer experience into a good experience. Of course, it is not easy task and risk is always high as if service provider is not able to provide better service, customer is gone forever and he may provide negative feedback for your products/services.


Service management provides an addition customer touch point and hence it is a critical functional area for services company for getting valuable insights from the customers. These insights will not only help to resolve customer issues faster but also help them to improve their existing product lines or coming up with new products. So how do service providers differentiate them self and provide more proactive services?  Best in class service providers can be identified based on following metrics:

·        Customer satisfaction rate

·        Service revenue growths

·        Reduction in service costs

·        Asset availability

So what are service companies doing to score well on above parameters?

 Table1-success metric2.png


Right Information all the time of their customer asset Information, their service resources (Technicians) and Parts availability is key for any successfully service provider. 



With Predictive analytics as added catalyst, service providers have already started playing major role in providing proactive services to customers. If you are already doing few of the above mentioned activities, you are already on right track. What are you doing to differentiate your service from intense competition? Let me know your views.



Hi Alpesh,

Great! article and here are 2 takeaways from my perspective.

1. Pro-active service maintenance can greatly improve the effectiveness of service mangement team.

2. This is a great example of spotting opportunity in an adversity.

Thanks for sharing this article and have a fabulous year ahead!


Thanks Shakti. I agree that pro-active service maintenance improves service provides effectiveness. It will also improve customer satisfaction and customer retention rates.

Predictive analytics is going to provide new opportunities to Service industry and help them increase revenue growth. I am expecting predictive maintenance revenue share will increase multifold for service providers in coming years. You can read more on

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