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Creating tomorrow-proof students...

By Thomas Wolf at 1:59 PM on | Comments (2)

Today’s world simply speaks one language: Globalization. Opportunities and threats arise not only for the global economy but also for the potential stakeholders involved. The ones who are often forgotten, are the students, tomorrow’s future!

The life of a student is not comparable to that of the previous generation. The time in which you simply finish school, go to college or university, graduate and eventually get a job, are over.
Interesting quote, but what are the drivers for this? Especially in times of recession, stagnating economies and a loss of jobs, competition among graduating students increases tremendously.
For students, what does it mean? What can they do? They must simply broaden their international perspective! Who says you have to study in your home country? Who says you have to start your job in your home country? Many – and that’s a big problem.

Regarding the still very few who recognize the trend and see the importance of a future global career, what can or rather must they do? They must be different! Don’t go with the stream. Risk a difference and experience as much as you can. A Spanish studying in France, doing exchange semesters in Singapore, Mexico and Tunisia, completing internships at major companies also at international locations and eventually starting the career in one of those countries. It sure sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Not only that! This is what a student’s future looks like.

Studying hard, completing as many stays abroad as possible, as much work experience as you can and not to forget, the language and social capabilities, which should also be there. Deciding to achieve higher education is a full-time job! Those who realize this will be among the most successful. Future, here we come!


Global perspective is very important in today's world. Global perspective comes from the exposure that you get while studying in many different countries; it also comes from deliberately seeking it through various interactions, especially for those who are not financially fortunate enough to be able to travel abroad. Today, one can "travel" virtually around the world, make friends, listen and assimilate what happens around the world without leaving one's country or town. While there is no substitute to really being there, one can get the global perspective from reading newspapers, watching TV or news shows, attending webinars, participating in blogs - all available free of cost. The student of today is fortunate to have all these "free" tools to enhance his perspective.

An excellent and timely article.I would like to add to Mr. Sankaran's considerate view which takes into account the limitations faced by most students.
There are many professional events being held in cities incl. those by societies like the IEEE that present a tremendous opportunity for students to network with peers and professionals.

One must also encourage student(s) involvement in various civil society issues so as to recognize potential opportunities for I.T in solving them, apart from becoming informed citizens.

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