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InStep, India, the world and me!

By Teddy Ho at 1:52 PM on | Comments (0)

One aspect which led me to join the InStep program was the opportunity to learn and experience the Indian work culture first hand...

In my previous job, I had collaborated on many occasions with counterparts in our Indian office.  And while many Indian colleagues came to work in our Canadian office, I never had the opportunity to reciprocate the gesture.  Working at Infosys’ Bangalore campus has further opened my eyes to both the similarities and differences between the Indian and North American workplace.  From as simple as one’s daily schedule, to more complex communication practices, I have come to recognize and understand many subtleties that exist, most of which would have been impossible to learn from abroad. 

This experience has not only provided me with a deeper appreciation for the integration of culture and work, but more importantly, has equipped me with the knowledge of how to work more positively and effectively in a foreign environment.  Rather than simply acknowledging differences in working styles, it is important to know that these differences can be a tremendous insight into the underlying values and cultures of that society and can serve as an invaluable learning experience in itself. 

This experience has certainly given me a new perspective into cross-cultural collaborations and will definitely serve me well in my future work situations, wherever they may be!

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