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Weekend trip to Mysore

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Six in the morning, sleepily a mob of interns get into a bus to go to Mysore. All we could think of was more sleep. How foolish!  We were unaware of the notorious side of our lovely student mentors. What was supposed to be a quiet and calm 3 hour road trip, transformed into full of laughter, fun and pranks. We discovered talented singers, dancers and comedians among us - a Bulgarian who can sing in Hindi, an Indian with opera talent. We had multicultural performance from all parts of the world - the cute boyz band from French, the beautiful galz band from Sweden, football fever songs from Mexico and melodious songs from India. We were so captivated in the fun that we were reluctant to leave the bus at Mysore.


In Mysore our first destination was Chamundeshwari Temple and Nandi statue. As an Indian, I feel the holy temples bring calmness and peace to my inner being. In my deep prayers, the worldly matters and possessions seem silly. Our lunch was at Royal Orchid, a place befitting Kings and Queens. Wary and hungry we feasted without shame!


After lunch we went to Mysore palace -simply marvelous and ornate. We learned rich and colorful stories of the dynasty that ruled Mysore. Next we went to St. Philomena's Church, where God heard my prayers and blessed me immediately. By divine intervention, the group left without me. As I waited in fear and confusion, my dream damsel came in a 200 horse power carriage (Jeep) to pick me up. No words to describe how wonderful this was J


After that, the group went for shopping and high tea, before heading back to the Mysore Place once again. The sun has set and its growing dark slowly. As our bus took the turn towards palace parking lot, we were filled with awe and went speechless. The palace was fully lit with 96000 bulbs. It was an amazing and wonderful sight. We quickly found a spot to soak the warmth of this sight. Imagine adding melodious music to this wonderful eye fest. The flute played by an unknown Indian monk was just perfect.


Our next stop was Lalith Mahal. The best part of the trip was the folk dance performance by five talent local artists. The interns from different countries felt united through this awe inspiring performance. We toured the palace which is converted into hotel now.  We were dumbstruck to find it costs $750 per night for a suite. Add to this the bath tub in the suite is from 1930s. But it was historic and I felt like Prince of Mysore as I lay down in the royal bed. A sumptuous royal dinner was a fitting end to our long wary day!  


More than anything, the trip gave the interns a glimpse of India, a country that can only be experienced and impossible to describe. Through the bumpy bus ride, the long palace walks, heart filling fun moments and mouth watering food, we interns became closer to each other and shall remain as best friends for ever. Thanks, Infosys InStep team for the wonderful time we all had together J


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