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Why internship @ Infosys

Why do internship in India? Why in Infosys? These are daunting questions I faced and still face! Before I answer these questions a little introduction might help you understand where I come from and where I am headed. I am doing my MBA at Ross, University of Michigan, US. Before that I worked in US for 8 years. Originally I hail from India, where I finished my under graduation in engineering before moving to US.


My choice of MBA School was solely based on business strategy guru C K Prahalad teaching at Ross. I took couple of classes with him and was transformed by his thoughts, values and beliefs. Inspired by his teachings and personal interactions, I decided not to follow the conventional path of doing internship in US. After reading and researching so much about the growth, innovation and excitement that is happening in emerging countries, I decided to do internship only in emerging countries for three reasons.

  • To become C-suite executive, experience in India or China is mandatory these days.
  • Lots of opportunities, as there is tremendous and fast growth.
  • Innovation, center of gravity is slowing moving away from US and other developed countries.

Globalization has opened many choices for students seeking international internships. Companies of all size are sourcing talent globally. For example, Infosys and TATA from India and Samsung from Korea recruit hundreds of students internationally every year.


Thus when an opportunity to intern at Infosys in Bangalore came, I jumped on it. I have been here for the past eight weeks. It has been better than my expectations in all aspects. Three things I have learned during my time here -

  • The infrastructure, systems and processes built by Infosys is simply world class.
  • Senior Management's innovative thought leadership, openness to ideas from all and availability to junior employees are the foundations that propel Infosys to greater heights.
  • Employees' ability to execute and realize the seemingly impossible goals demanded by shareholders and the market.

On the personal side, the internship has given me the chance to become friends with wonderful interns from 20 odd countries. The after-work hangouts, weekend trips and etc complete the perfect summer I needed after a busy year at school. Watch this blog space for more of my experiences and thoughts. Use the comment section to let me know your thoughts, concerns, suggestions or anything fun :-)


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really,Thank u sir i was confused about internship but you clear my thought.

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