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Mulbagal: A Photo Story

By Sahana Jose at 4:13 PM on | Comments (0)

An impactful and heart-touching account of Franklin Abao's experience at Infosys'  Rural Reach Program where the team met with 8000+ students at Mulbagal in Kolar District. Franklin is a student from The University of Melbourne and worked with Infosys Labs in 2013-14.

I left Bangalore with little to no clue

Not knowing Kannada nor anybody but two

As we reached Mulbagal by about nine or ten

A flashback, a memory occurred to me then



The classrooms, the teachers, the children, the energy

All seemed familiar to a scene back in my country

It brought me back to a childhood that felt fresh

But in fact was a long time ago J



Where books may be scarce but not the hunger for knowledge

Where tummies may often be empty but not the smiles we give

Where rooms may be lacking but not our happiness within

Where teachers may be few but inspiration and love overflow



Though I came not knowing exactly what to do

Am I here to teach? to give chocolates? observe? take photos?

The recollection opened an instant connection

A way to touch a past to show the kids a future


I went to teach kids

I left Mulbagal touched

I went to give chocolates

I received smiles back, a lot


I went to impart them knowledge

I left impacted with their courage

I went to observe rural education

But instead I saw the future, the future of a nation.


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