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My experience with InStep

By Sahana Jose at 11:42 AM on | Comments (0)

Written by Garry M Chien, an InStep Intern from The University of Southern California. Garry interned with Infosys in 2013-14 and worked with the research arm of Infosys, Infosys Labs.

Three months ago, I was set on interning in Los Angeles for the summer. This would have involved a daily 30 minute drive one-way through rush hour traffic, a project that was only mildly interesting, and a strict nine-to-five job constrained to a single office building. In this traditional internship, the learning would have only come from the workplace, and personal growth seemed minimal to unlikely.

As such, it came as a shock when I found out I had been selected for an interview with Infosys - partially because it was the only internship program I had even applied to this year outside the United States. Even my parents had believed I was joking when I told them news of my offer. As a person who cannot even handle spicy food, the decision to go to India seemed daunting. Debating over whether to take up the internship was a simple question of whether I was willing to step out of my comfort zone and seize an opportunity.

Overall, my time with Infosys and the InStep program has been unparalleled.

It's an experience that I do not think I could ever find back home. The campus itself is incredible from the plentiful food options (home to the first food court in India) to the stunning architecture that expresses the forward-thinking mentality of the company. As a mix-mash of west-meets-east, Infosys has provided me a better understanding of different business cultures, an opportunity to take on projects that solve real-world problems, and a new appreciation for Indian food. Such lessons are important; for example, learning to adapt to the business culture is vital to success in today's globalized society, where people must understand how to work with those from different cultures and backgrounds. Through my project, I've learned to understand problems from different perspectives, while my coworkers are incredibly friendly and always willing to help. Through InStep, I've met interns from around the world providing me a more multifaceted perspective of just about everything. As interns, we are even given the chance to meet leaders from various industries and attend educational seminars. The learning doesn't stop during the weekends since I can travel to other cities within this country that is full of rich history.

I am incredibly thankful of the experience I have had so far with Infosys and the InStep program. I've gained a better vision of what I hope to do when I graduate, and an appreciation for the contrasts and similarities between working in India and my home country.


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