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October 31, 2018

Contributing to a smarter world

By Jack Brian Cooper at 4:09 PM on | Comments (0)
Artificial intelligence (AI) is the buzz du jour, and a sneak peek into the future shape of technology. I had an opportunity to gaze into a crystal ball during my summer internship at the Infosys InStep program in India. 

It was a time when I challenged myself every day. I was investigating ways in which AI systems, specifically chatbots, could be tested. We explored how the performance of a chatbot can be evaluated. We wanted to develop alternative methods or improvements on current approaches for a thorough beta testing procedure. It gives developers more confidence in the performance evaluation of their systems.

I enjoyed my time at Infosys. I experienced a fascinating culture. The work was interesting as well as catalytic for emerging technology solutions. I am grateful for the opportunity and the support of my mentors and the InStep team.

A fulfilling internship experience? There's an app for that!

By James Thieu at 3:57 PM on | Comments (0)
The global workplace calls for applying the skills you've learnt at college, as well as networking. Wouldn't it be great if you could find a nurturing environment, inhabited by people from all over the world, who would help you enhance your skills, and remain friends long after you've moved on to bigger challenges?

Well, such a place exists, and I discovered it when I applied for the Infosys InStep internship program. During my internship search, I had no intention of going abroad for an internship. But I'm glad I applied, because it was one of the most interesting experiences of my life. 

My reluctance to do an internship abroad disappeared when I got in touch with the InStep team, who were very helpful and made the application and orientation process very smooth, and took care of the logistics. 

When I arrived at Infosys, I was assigned to a project with the Application Development and Maintenance division. The project involved automating the process of code architecture modernization from monoliths to microservices. It was very satisfying to apply my theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. During weekends, I and my fellow interns explored fascinating places in India, which taught me to 'expect the unexpected.'  

What made my time as an InStep intern truly special was the opportunity to meet and work with interns from around the world. My biggest takeaway from my InStep experience is the lifelong relationships forged with interns.

InStep - a memorable career begins here

By Kisha Gupta at 3:49 PM on | Comments (0)
An internship is like dating, you get an opportunity to know someone during a brief period, after which you decide whether you want a committed relationship or not. In an internship, that relationship means a full-time job. InStep has invested 20 years in understanding the dynamics of this relationship, every last detail of it. Having led the program for the last four years, here's why I believe it is the number one internship in the world: 
  1. Continuous improvement over the past 20 years: We listen closely to each intern, we are sticklers for feedback. No feedback is irrelevant; even if doesn't make sense immediately, it will in the long run.
  2. Different perspectives lead to a more agile outcome: On an average, InStep interns come from over 35 nationalities. Their unique interpretations of the problem statements bring hundreds of new ideas, thus creating better projects every year
  3. Experience-led or work-led: While the actual project work forms one of the most important components of any job assignment, how we live our life in those months and how it shapes us as an individual is equally important. Coming to India, spending a few months in a diverse environment, with people who at first seem unfamiliar, helps broaden one's views about the world we live in today.
  4. Power of choice: Unlike many internships, InStep provides this as the most important benefit - the power of choosing your own internship project. In many organizations, students are first selected for internships and then given an assignment, thus taking away any opportunity to work on topics they are passionate about. At InStep, a student gets 200 different projects to choose from, as a first step, even before the application is submitted
  5. You matter: Many InSteppers have told me that in most companies, interns are seen as a very small cog in the wheel, while at Infosys they feel recognized, heard, and valued. For us at Infosys, InStep isn't just a way of hiring amazing talent, or spreading the Infosys brand in academia. It is also a way to pull together the best minds from all over the world and generate a repository of ideas for 'navigating our next.'

This list can go on and on because there is so much more to the program than I can compile in a few words. A blog, a video, even a book can't do justice to the actual experience, you need to live it yourself to know why more than 2,000 InSteppers worldwide over the past 20 years still remember Infosys InStep as their best summer ever.